June 10, 2022 Robert Yoho, retired cosmetic surgeon
Show Notes

THIS POST IS ABOUT ME, on the tenuous theory that you might find it interesting.

My philosophy has always been both kaizen and praxis, the first a Japanese word that means continuous improvement, and the second a Greek reference to the importance of action. But philosophies are theoretical if you are practicing medicine. Such a career devolves into Groundhog Days repeated ad nauseam. Between patient care, staff management, financial worries, and many other things, I was so consumed that my personal development stood still for decades. 

Now, at 68 years old, I face other challenges. Bereft of any religious comfort, as my friends die I see my own end approaching like a wall. But I find meaning in getting as much good work done as I can in what time I have left.

Since retirement, I’ve been shot through a cannon of ever-accelerating personal development. During my last years in practice, I began studying the FDA’s criminal distortions of hormone therapy, and after I understood that, my focus broadened to the rest of medicine. I learned that we were no longer putting patients first and that corruption was ubiquitous. Because of corporate and government involvement, profits dominated every consideration. Some call this fascism. 

After four years of working on and promoting my books, Hormone Secrets and Butchered by “Healthcare,” one day I found myself in a virtual interview with Peter Breggin, MD. I wanted to talk about what I had studied, but he insisted on a dialog about Covid. I thought that Breggin was either a jerk or maybe even a little demented, but I was wrong.

Thus he led me, unwillingly and unwittingly, into the brutal red pill reality of current events. I realized the hard way what Plato said in a prior millennium: “One of the penalties of refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.” I awoke to a lunar, dystopian, monstrous landscape that I had never before suspected. Evil forces had been gradually destroying our free institutions for decades, and ideas I thought were bad jokes confined to colleges such as “critical race theory” were reality. 

As I cast my gaze around, I learned:

  • Things were so far gone that all seemed lost. Hugely wealthy players were pressing fascist agendas, eating into our constitution, and chipping away at the rest of our rule of law. 
  • There was still time to act because our institutions still survived, but they couldn't last indefinitely.
  • The broader culture had undergone a shocking degeneration with irrational woke ideologies such as sexual confusion and bizarre racial theories. These were accepted by most of the academics and much of the left-wing as gospel. Corporations were cynically complying and profiting.
  • Institutions that I had some respect for, such as hospitals, had turned predatory and lost all regard for human life. 
  • A few people were standing up, but most were either eaten by the sophisticated propaganda or were trying to save their hides by covering their heads and pretending to agree.

See for the complete essay. 

“LEGAL” DISCLAIMER: Use this information at your own risk. It is general commentary and not medical advice. Robert Yoho is retired and no longer practices medicine. Make your healthcare decisions with the help of a physician or other licensed provider. 

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