July 25, 2022 Robert Yoho, retired cosmetic surgeon
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An "alternative" treatment that should be standard, mainstream medicine.

THE FOLLOWING IS AN EXCERPT FROM HORMONE SECRETS, my book about bioidentical hormones.

Can hormones be used to treat cancer? Yes. Testosterone suppresses breast cancer. Oral estradiol is safe and efficacious for treating prostate cancer. Patients using these hormones do not get damaging deficiency syndromes. Whether they work better than the industry’s conventional therapies is unknown. Costly studies will never be done because human hormones can rarely be patented—they are unprofitable compared to patent drugs.Estrogen blockers are conventional therapies for estrogen-sensitive breast tumors. But these cause menopause symptoms and, over time, ruin health. Since testosterone is broken down into estrogen, traditional doctors think that using it in these cases is improper, especially if the patients are taking blockers.Rebecca Glaser, MD, published her successful experience treating breast cancer using implantable pellets combining testosterone and a blocker drug. She placed these under the skin close to the cancers. Charles Mok, DO, shrank a woman’s breast cancer 75 percent in six months using testosterone pellets (personal communication. He wrote Testosterone, Strong Enough for a Man, Made for a Woman, 2018). Testosterone shrinks breast cancer in animals as well.I have heard from Dr. Glaser’s breast cancer patients that she treats them with about three times the customary menopause testosterone pellet dosage—about three mg per pound. This likely produces blood levels over 600 ng/dl. For reference, postmenopausal women receive a pellet dose of one mg per pound, which produces blood levels of 200 to 300 ng/dl. This makes most women feel great (recall my superwomen). The usual pellet dose for a man is 10 mg per pound. This may produce blood levels of 1500 ng/dl. Weekly injections of inexpensive testosterone cypionate provide similar effects as pellets.Side effects: Recall that high doses of testosterone for women potentially cause deep voices, enlarged clitorises, and active, possibly overactive sexuality. The women I know who use these doses for athletics do not mind, but they dislike hair growth and acne. These may be treated with laser hair removal and acne medications including spironolactone...(see


  • Estradiol capsules 2 mg a day
  • Progesterone capsules 200 mg twice a day
  • Testosterone cream 200 mg/cc 1/2 cc a day 
  • DHEA 10 mg a day

CINDY NOW HAS TESTOSTERONE LEVELS OVER 1500, the high-normal range for a man.

TO FIND A DOCTOR, read Hormone Secrets.

See for the complete essay. See to learn about my books, Butchered by “Healthcare” and Hormone Secrets. My essay with links to COVID treatment and more is HERE. 

“LEGAL” DISCLAIMER: Use this information at your own risk. It is general commentary and not medical advice. Robert Yoho is retired and no longer practices medicine. Make your healthcare decisions with the help of a physician or other licensed provider. 

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