A Dave Payette repost: 9/11, Search for the Truth

October 03, 2023 Robert Yoho, retired cosmetic surgeon
A Dave Payette repost: 9/11, Search for the Truth
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Dave Payette's Substack is HERE, and the original post is HERE. It is too long for email, so please click through the title above to view it online. 

Yoho comment: Look, I'm sorry to show you this. But it is well-written and one of the quickest ways into the story I have seen. I knew what happened, but I still just about barfed as I narrated. In the next few pages, you will look at the monster who received billions of insurance money after 2996 people were immolated. 

We must wake up to survive. We have no other choice.

The most important truth of all about 9/11 is staring us right in the face. All we have to do to see it is open our eyes and expend even a modicum of effort. That truth is this: the official narrative is comprehensively false. It is a cover up.

For the uninitiated, I could remind you how World Trade Center building 7, which was not hit by aircraft, mysteriously collapsed at 5:20 pm, almost seven and a half hours after the (second) South Tower fell that morning. We could ponder how at no time prior to September 11th, 2001 and any time since has fire brought down a standing skyscraper, despite there being dozens and dozens examples of such fires for comparison purposes. As with Covid 19, science was suspended and completely upended in a very short space of time:

WTC - Building 7

We could discuss how all three World Trade Center buildings that collapsed that day fell like near perfect examples of controlled demolition. Or how real science tells us that heat in excess of 2,750 degrees Fahrenheit, would have been required for a sustained period to melt the steel beams of those structures, whereas the jet fuel would only have been between 750 to 1,500 degrees and, as the color of the smoke on impact confirms, it burned out quickly. Therefore, it is obvious, as one researcher states, that “common sense suggests that steel beams should not yield under burning jet fuel without presence of other substances that produce very high temperatures when burning, such as thermite.”

We could look at how Larry Silverstein who already owned WTC 7 purchased the twin towers in a leveraged buyout which required only $15m of his own money just a few weeks before 9/11. Or how, even though the Twin Towers were already widely understood to be a white elephant, Silverstein insured them for billions, sought a $12.3 billion payout, and was ultimately awarded $4.6 billion. 
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