November 13, 2023 Robert Yoho, retired cosmetic surgeon
Show Notes

This is a synthesis of brutal information, so here is lighter fare to start.

Dick Cilley, my “dirtbag” climber friend, always chanted this post’s title while scaling hazardous rock. We would gleefully repeat his words as we ascended, laughing at the situations we put ourselves in.

A quote often attributed to Julius Caesar explains more, “As a rule, what is out of sight disturbs men’s minds more seriously than what they see.” The dangers I describe here are mostly invisible, so our anxiety about them may be higher than they merit.

We were once young and heedless. (Needles photo credit: Kris Solem)

The worst risks are self-imposed

Climbing is hazardous, but smoking is responsible for one in five US deaths. I spent a magic decade of my life doing these simultaneously.

A “conventional” source lists the most common causes of US deaths in 2021:

  1. Heart disease 695 k
  2. Cancer 605 k
  3. Covid 416 k
  4. Accidents 225 k
  5. Stroke 162 k
  6. Alzheimer’s 119 k
  7. Diabetes 103 k

You can avoid most of these

Strokes and heart attacks increase if you eat "unsaturated" vegetable fats like Crisco or margarine. These oxidize and cause diabetes, atherosclerosis, and other damage. But industrial food producers and a paid-off American Dietary Association promoted these cheap synthetics as healthy since early in the 20th century. "Saturated" animal fats, on the other hand, oxidize much less, so they are far safer (Hormone Secrets).

Eating seed oils instead of animal fats is being recognized as another cardiovascular health catastrophe. Big agriculture, fast food restaurants, fake fat makers, and corrupt regulatory groups are co-conspirators in bringing us these. 

Avoiding exercise creates similar risks as smoking.

Accidents: Auto accidents kill 43,000 Americans annually. Not wearing a seatbelt doubles this risk.

Suicide: 50,000 in the US yearly. The psych drugs cause much of it and should be outlawed because of this and other reasons.

"Covid deaths" is code for people slaughtered by the Covid bioweapon, those killed by withholding standard therapies, those killed by the vax, and those murdered by doctors using treatments such as Remdesivir and ventilators. It was all facilitated by CDC and FDA lies and implemented by the Department of Defense. If you understand this, you can save yourself and your family.

How to escape modern health calamities

Studying increase your chances of survival. Never be accused of DFR or DFL.

Some of the following disasters are forced on us, and others are suppression or concealment of effective treatments. For example, iodine restriction is obviously purposeful. For the rest, ask yourself, “Could this have been solely caused by chance, greed, or incompetence?” The answer is mostly “No.”

The following hazards are in rough order of importance.

Medical abuses

Using therapies that do no

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