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The Wisdom Tradition | a philosophy podcast

Alexander Sachon

IG: @thewisdomtradition Store: Website: - This channel hosts discussions, documentaries, and interviews on the topics of esoteric philosophy, modern science, the history of civilization, current events, geopolitics, sociology, psychology, and more. 20th century philosopher Manly P. Hall's teachings are prominently featured; original content of my own is also shared. Drop me a line: alex dot sachon at

Recent Episodes

20. The Atlantis Hypothesis: Manly P. Hall vs. Graham Hancock, Randall Carlson, + John Anthony WestDecember 02, 2021 Episode artwork 19b. From Race to Nation - The Evolutionary Trajectory of Our AgeNovember 25, 2021 Episode artwork 19a. How Esoteric Philosophy Views Race and the Differentiation of RacesNovember 24, 2021 Episode artwork 18. Kelly Brogan "Own Yourself in the Time of COVID" | ebook reviewNovember 04, 2021 Episode artwork 17. "The Warrior's Path" | Manly P. Hall lecture analysis | a larger perspective on warOctober 27, 2021 Episode artwork 16b. "Atlantis and the Origins of Civilization"| my new study guide on Manly P. Hall's essential teachingsOctober 24, 2021 Episode artwork 16a. MPH Study Guide on Atlantis | new IG acount: @thewisdomtradition | new eStoreOctober 21, 2021 Episode artwork 15. Interview: Roman Bystrianyk on the Problematic Science Behind Vaccines and VirologyOctober 12, 2021 Episode artwork 14. Manly P. Hall on the Role of Suffering in the Universal PlanOctober 09, 2021 Episode artwork MANLY P. HALL | a documentary on his life, teachings, and legacyOctober 03, 2021 Episode artwork 13. Interview: Dr. Debashish Banerji on Philosophy, Yoga, the Vedas, and the Mystics of IndiaSeptember 29, 2021 Episode artwork SECRET SPACE PROGRAM pt. 3 | ft. Jason Reza Jorjani, Richard Dolan, Catherine Austin Fitts, Joseph P. FarrellSeptember 25, 2021 Episode artwork SECRET SPACE PROGRAM pt. 2 | ft. Richard Dolan, Joseph P. Farrell, Catherine Austin Fitts, Nick CookSeptember 25, 2021 Episode artwork SECRET SPACE PROGRAM pt. 1 | ft. Nikola Tesla, Adam Trombly, Tom Bearden, Jason Reza Jorjani, Walter Bosley, Tom DeLonge, Aaron RodgersSeptember 25, 2021 Episode artwork 12. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as a Treatment for COVID | an Interview with Dr. Xiaoyan WangSeptember 25, 2021 Episode artwork Dr. Peter McCullough on the suppression of COVID treatments (mix)September 09, 2021 Episode artwork 11. Manly P. Hall on Karma, Government Oppression, and Social Resistance | review of two articlesSeptember 06, 2021 Episode artwork Our Public Health Policies are Based on Corrupted Science (ft. Kelly Brogan, Robert Whitaker, et al) (mix)August 30, 2021 Episode artwork The Poison Cartel: Destroying Agriculture, Medicine, Our Health, and the Global Ecosystem (mix)August 30, 2021 Episode artwork The Essential Teachings of Vandana Shiva | cartels and bad science are destroying the world (mix)August 30, 2021 Episode artwork 10. Manly P. Hall on the Rebirth of Empires | reincarnation meets geopolitics and historyAugust 27, 2021 Episode artwork 9b. The Essential Teachings of Michael Hudson (in his own words) | on the bubble economy (mix)August 25, 2021 Episode artwork 9a. Article Review: Michael Hudson on the Bubble Economy | ending the fantasy of a "return to normal"August 25, 2021 Episode artwork 8. GROUPTHINK | the Psychological Epidemic Destroying Our Society (discussion + mini-documentary)August 25, 2021 Episode artwork 7. Book Review: "Illuminatiam: The First Testament of the Illuminati" | surprisingly relevantAugust 24, 2021 Episode artwork