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22a. Dr. Tom Cowan "Breaking the Spell" eBook Review | deconstructing virology's claims of virus isolation

December 14, 2021 Alexander Sachon
The Wisdom Tradition | a philosophy podcast
22a. Dr. Tom Cowan "Breaking the Spell" eBook Review | deconstructing virology's claims of virus isolation
Show Notes

In this episode I analyze  one of the key topics discussed in Dr. Tom Cowan's recent ebook "Breaking the Spell": virology's claim that it has successfully accomplished "virus isolation" for the various virus strains that they claim are responsible for the numerous disease epidemics that have occurred throughout recent  history, including COVID, AIDS, polio, and many others. 

As we will be exploring, it is far from conclusive that an entity called a "virus" actually exists in nature. Likely, virologists are mistaking "viruses" for  "exosomes" - packets of genetic information released as part of the natural process of cell sickness and death. These particles (exosomes) emerge from a cell  after the cell has already been sickened. They are not the cause of the cell being sickened; it is being sickened from other factors and is emitting the exosomes (mistaken as viruses) as an inevitable consequence of its sickness. 

The main idea here is that viruses are not disease-causing agents; they are not the cause of illness but a symptom or effect of a cell that has become sick for other reasons. Blaming illness on  contagious viruses is a red herring, one that distracts us from seeking out the true cause of disease.

The question of what is actually causing tody's global epidemic of illness is a topic that many researchers are still exploring. But you don't have to have that answer completely figured out in order to disqualify other theories which have been proposed to explain the disease outbreak but which, upon consideration, have failed to persuasively argue its scientific case. In other words, we can falsify or "nullify" a theory that has been proposed without having already worked out what the correct explanation is. All we need to do is apply the scientific method to the theory; if it is not able to successfully pass through the requirements of the method, then the theory is 'nullified' - it is shown to be invalid.

As it turns out, the virus theory of contagion does not pass the scientific method - it has been nullified; it does not qualify as a valid scientific hypothesis to explain how and why disease epidemics emerge in human beings. One or more other explanations are needed; the virus theory is done for. 

A further point must be considered: as long as we keep spending all our attention on viruses, we restrict and distract ourselves from going on the quest of finding the epidemic's true cause (which may be dynamic and include numerous variables, rather than just one). By fixating on viruses, we never give ourselves the chance to develop proper prevention or treatment protocols based on an accurate diagnosis of what's really afflicting people. 

If you enjoyed this episode and are interested hearing more explorations of this topic, check out my podcast archive where I have other related episodes. I'm also working on a full written report on the topic, one which will factor in Manly Hall's teachings on the metaphysics of human health.

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