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Insurance, You Indemnify Me


“Insurance, You Indemnify Me" - With Shawn Michael Walker(SVP at Premier Group Insurance, A Top 50 Insurance agency in the US, doubling in size every three years.)What to expect on the POD cast: Come for the funny, lively, real conversations. Stay for the insurance content you are dying for. The stories will be hilarious, the content will help you grow as an industry professional, no matter if you are a senior leader at a carrier, or a brand new Captive or independent agent. On this podcast you will hear interviews from three different Segments: First and foremost, AGENTS. How are they and what are they doing to provide “So Much More to their clients and Carriers”. Their funniest stories. And More. Second, the Carriers. Senior leaders, Local leaders. Carriers have deep bench strength in their knowledge vault. How they do “So Much More” for the Agents... We’ll introduce you to their side of the equation, in a way you have not seen yet. Third, Insurance vendors. #Insuretech. CRMs, lead providers, All things that we should consider as agents and carriers to make life better for the Independent Distribution channel. These are going to be no nonsense interviews on what the product does, why it is worth it, etc. I’ll push them to know what makes their Tech or angle better than the next tech company.I’ll try to get one done a week. Come back for more, and share the shiz out of these shows! If we interview your agent friends, show him some love by sharing! Make him/her/other accepted pronouns, famous. Contact me for show ideas or Interviewees. [email protected]***Disclaimer: This content is intended for informational purposes only. Nothing stated in this content is intended to modify, change or adjust coverage to any insurance policy you have or may obtain from an insurance carrier now or in the future. This content is not intended to be relied on as legal or medical advice. While a good faith effort has been made to verify the claims in this content, we make no guarantee that this content is free from all mistakes or errors. Copyright © 2021 Premier Group Insurance, Inc. All rights reserved.

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