Insurance, You Indemnify Me

Episode #2 - Agent Spotlight: The Insurance Advisors

March 24, 2021 Premier Episode 2
Insurance, You Indemnify Me
Episode #2 - Agent Spotlight: The Insurance Advisors
Show Notes

This one has some FUNNY insurance stories you won't want to miss! 

Tune in for a conversation full of laughs with a couple of great guys that love to play golf. 

Kyle Mediger & Josh Martin from The Insurance Advisors 

Our hope for this podcast, is to help all insurance folks (Agents, Carriers, and Vendors) understand a little better where each party is coming from. Next week, for the first time, we have the Regional VP of a National carrier joining us, bringing a new angle/perspective to the podcast.  

(1:00) This show has been dedicated to Alex Zarnas.

(1:55) Disney Print Pillow Cases? 

(4:10) I met Kyle in 2008 - Rotary Club 

(6:08) I got to get out of here! 

(9:55) Being laid off is the best thing...

(10:34) I got a voice from my client at 4 am

(13:45) He's got a cage in the middle of the living room... with a GIANT bird. 

(14:45) If I'm not here, and you're walking around, they would probably kill ya. 

(17:18) She's too old and doesn't fit your appetite. 

(18:18) We get along with everyone, were good guys. 

(18:35) The underwriter at this company, KNOWS MY NAME! 

(19:00) Sales Person VS Field Underwriter 

(20:25) 95%+ Preferred Business & 100% Referrals 

(21:10) Kyle's got this boarded-line smirk on his face. 

(22:55) We service all of our own clients, after 11 years. 

(24:15) We don't typically "fire" anyone...


(25:00) Josh is the most resilient person I've ever met. 

(26:22) These guys play more golf than anyone else I know.

(27:50) We're gonna keep playing... Double Boogie, Double Boogie, Double Boogie


(29:12) What do carriers do to drive you NUTS? 

(30:08) Are you trying to make sense of "Insurance" again???

(32:20) We got a MILLION bucks with you guys!

(34:28) Our goal is to have them on the books as long as possible. 

(36:10) In Colorado, there is this thing called H.A.I.L

(40:00) So much of our business comes from mortgage brokers. 

(44:35) Their playfully harsh & it's because we CARE. 


(49:40) My first commission check was $869

(52:41) That looks like a servicing headache...

(53:20) ....Only because you lost a leg....

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