Insurance, You Indemnify Me

Episode #4 - Agent Spotlight: Carmen Beall

April 13, 2021 Premier Episode 4
Insurance, You Indemnify Me
Episode #4 - Agent Spotlight: Carmen Beall
Show Notes

Next up on the podcast is the Carmen Beall! With 4 locations across the Denver metro area, it's time we show the power of women in insurance! Chime in to see what other wonderful stories she has to share with us! PS: If you're a boxing fan, you will want to hear this! 🥊

00:12 - In 1950, My parents started the first Spanish radio station. 

01:10 - I learned Spanish by listening to old Spanish songs...

02:20 - My family has been here before Colorado was a state. 

02:50 - I'm a new person after COVID 

04:25 - Tell me about Carmen on a BOXING Level. 

05:12 - I like Tony Danza - He's Cute! 

06:15 - I want to work in Boxing and be a TimeKeeper 

07:35 - The chess moves of the boxing world. 

08:02 - June 13th, 1984

09: 25 - What's so foxy about insurance?

10:05 - I am passionate about what we built. 

11:24 - What your funniest story? 

11:37 - I have yet to have this bellyaching, funny funny, story! 

13:10 - Are you really the only driver in the household? 

13:20 - Next month, the wife comes in to pay the payment on the car. 

13:55 - How does your agency provide... So Much More? 

14:15 - We are in the community.

15:00 - I often think why do I like Chick-fil-A? 

16:19 - It's not rocket science... 

17:15 - Anything extra, we will help them! 

17:55 - We drove to his house! 

18:42 - Funniest name of an insured that you had? 

19:58 - What conventions do you love to go to? 

20:44 - Waiting list...

22:00 - San Diego - My last trip before COVID.

22:25 - I just learned a ton of great stuff. 

23:10 - I got pictures with Tom Cruise 

24:15 - How do you direct policy traffic? 

25:37 - It depends on the customer 

26:31 - We have to take the time to explain the situation. 

26:50 - The easier application...

27:45 - I saw Snoop Dog 

28:00 - The 5 Pillars at Premier 

28:55 - I have a huge auto book and need to do more cross-selling

30:25 - Are your clients hanging out online? 

31:10 - I use to pay $14,000 a month on YELLOWPAGES

31:50 - Being a salesperson is something you are born with...

32:55 - I'll wait to talk to Ron. 

33:30 - The Chispa - The spark 

34:45 - I need to focus on retention. 

36:00 - Call, Text, Email... 

37:00 - Rep of the year, Krity Lange! 

37:58 - How do you choose your partner carriers? 

39:10 - David Colvin - He grew the numbers! 

40:05 - We need a better minimum wage for people looking to make a living. 

40:35 - You're going to make a lot of money! 

40:55 - I want to sponsor an annual Student Sponsorship for Insurance 

41:40 - It takes a mature person to say this is a lifelong career.

42:55 - We have a lot of processes in place. 

44:08 - Send them my way! 

44:45 - You fill the need. 

45:55 How has PGI provided so much more? 

47:01 - Find your niche. 


Ron Roybal - All Drivers Insurance 

IAOA - Independent Agency Owners Alliance

Kristy Lange - Dairyland Insurance 

David Colvin - Premier Group Insurance 

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