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Galactic Gravy

Misty Brown

Galactic Gravy is a tasty morsel of a podcast hosted by Misty Brown- an interdimensional channel, traveler and explorer of truth, healing and all things ascension. Join us as we bite into some delicious topics that are guaranteed to satisfy that spiritual hunger that drives us. My mission is to be a bridge- a soul that connects those that are lost or seeking to others that can inspire and empower. Community is where we thrive, heal and reinvent as we gather the tools that we need to heal our pain bodies and transmute the trauma that has held us back from the understanding of who we are created to be. My desire is to share my life experiences, education and wisdom with those who are ready to hack the matrix. This podcast is a sacred space for others to share their stories and gifts so that we may as a collective bring power, light and healing to a world enmeshed in pain. Galactic Gravy will pontificate on life, sexuality, spirituality, aliens and all things ascension. As awakened beings, it is our responsibility to be guides. We can only do that from the most vulnerable and authentic spaces within ourselves. I work within the shadows and fully believe that our suffering is our superpower! My favorite thing in the world is being a guide to those in trauma. My many years of spiritual counseling combined with energy work and sound healing has enabled me to access timeless insight and healing tools that I use in the connections I make.I want to teach you how to be a channel for the magical being that you are! It is my hope that Galactic Gravy will tickle your taste buds and fill you up with laughter, joy and the inspiration to create your own cosmic concoctions!

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