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Shoosh - a podcast about health libraries

Daniel McDonald

Welcome to Shoosh, the ironically titled podcast about all things health libraries. This is a conversation-style podcast where the host, Daniel McDonald, tries to stay out of the way as much as possible and talk to people much smarter than him about all things related to health science information and research and publishing and the like. Daniel is a librarian for Darling Downs Health, located in Toowoomba but covering a large part of rural and regional southern Queensland in Australia. He is also the editor of the the Journal of Health Information and Libraries Australasia. The simple hope with this podcast is that listeners get to learn a little bit more about colleagues, and a little bit more from colleagues in the health library field. Thanks for listening. Production of this podcast has been assisted by generous funding from the Health Libraries Australia and Medical Director Innovation Award. The musical interludes are from the band Ethel Red, some members of which are the children of a health librarian. Any feedback can be sent to