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How Nordic Walking Benefits The Pelvic Floor with Vicky Welsh

March 16, 2022 Mary Tweed Season 3 Episode 35
Walking On Air
How Nordic Walking Benefits The Pelvic Floor with Vicky Welsh
Show Notes

Today I’m talking to Vicky Welsh, who regular listeners will remember, as she was my very first guest on Walking On Air, when she eloquently answered the big question of What is Nordic walking. Vicky  set up Bristol Nordic Walking in 2010, which is now one of the largest Nordic Walking Clubs in the UK.  She handed it over to her team in 2020, in order to concentrate on new projects.  She organised a successful Nordic Walking festival last October, with future ones planned; she is working on a community nordic walking project in Bristol; and on top of that, she is putting the finishing touches to her  book on Nordic Walking.  Her research for the book has led her to look in more depth into the many benefits of Nordic Walking, one of which is the effect it has on the pelvic floor.  I know that this an area of interest to many people, but also one which no one really wants to talk about.  Luckily for us, Vicky has agreed to share what she has learned.  She has asked me to point out that she is not medically qualified, so she is talking as a nordic walking instructor and fitness professional.

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I'm Mary Tweed, a British Nordic Walking instructor with Nordic Walking East Anglia. If you wish to share your story, do get in touch by emailing hello@walkingonairpodcast.co.uk

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