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Endurance Nordic walking with Peter Barrett

May 24, 2023 Mary Tweed Season 4 Episode 54
Walking On Air
Endurance Nordic walking with Peter Barrett
Show Notes

Today I am speaking to Peter Barrett about endurance Nordic Walking. He is an avid outdoor enthusiast, having competed and participated in outdoor sports throughout his life. He has taken part in many marathons, half marathons, mountain marathons and endurance challenges and has trained and helped many athletes to achieve their own PBs and goals.  He has also organised many race and challenge events. Peter took up nordic walking over 10 years ago, inspired by seeing people use walking poles in an efficient and effective manner and he and his wife, Suzy, are currently putting plans together for a Nordic Walking challenge event in the Yorkshire Three Peaks.

Peter and his wife, Suzy, are planning a trial event for the weekend of 16/17 September 2023 with the main event taking place in May 2024.  For further information, please contact Peter and register your interest at peter@townendbarn.org.uk 

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I'm Mary Tweed, a British Nordic Walking instructor with Nordic Walking East Anglia.


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