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Nordic Walking and the Feldenkrais Method with Sonja Johansson

June 21, 2023 Mary Tweed Season 4 Episode 58
Walking On Air
Nordic Walking and the Feldenkrais Method with Sonja Johansson
Show Notes

Today, I interview Sonja Johansson, who lives by the motto: ‘The quality of your movement is the quality of your life’.  This is the first time that I have published a conversation in full with no edits; this is testament to the many gems of wisdom that this interview contains and to how well Sonja talks about this subject with such great articulation. I guarantee that you will enjoy this extended episode.

As a movement educator specialising in a system to optimise body/mind performance called the Feldenkrais Method, Sonja lives and breathes that motto everyday. With over 20 years of expertise in neuro-motor reprogramming, she brings a unique and holistic approach to teaching Nordic Walking. 

This embodied approach creates conditions for positive neuro-plasticity, improved balance, coordination & agility with the fundamental skill of awareness of your body's sensations and movements. 

This ‘Conscious Nordic Walking’ technique aims to maintain independence, reverse the signs of ageing through complex full body patterns, build a strong cardiovascular system without jeopardising posture and vulnerable joints.

Sonja's approach is deeply rooted in optimal biomechanics, ensuring that her students gain a ‘lived’ understanding of their body's skeletal structure, to optimise alignment and promote efficient gait patterns. She empowers her students to achieve safe, powerful, and effortless walking with plenty of novelty and fun in each session. Highlighting functional movement patterns that use the biotensegrity model, including the crucial role of fascia.

You can find out more by visiting Sonja's website at HonestExercise.me or email her directly: Hello@HonestExercise.me

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