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Amputation & Nordic Walking with Phil Sheridan and Helen Parsons

October 13, 2021 Mary Tweed Season 2 Episode 24
Walking On Air
Amputation & Nordic Walking with Phil Sheridan and Helen Parsons
Show Notes

In this episode, I talk to Phil Sheridan and Helen Parsons from Discover Nordic Walking, based in Yorkshire.  Not only are they both qualified as British Nordic Walking Instructors, but they  are also strength coaches with British Weight Lifting and GB Powerlifting. Helen has  a MSc in Occupational Therapy and a BSc degree in Sport, Health, Exercise and Nutrition, while Phil has ​​ recently retired from a range of roles teaching and facilitating various subjects at the School of Medicine, University of Leeds.  In 2002, Phil survived a near fatal road accident leaving him very badly injured and necessitating the amputation of his right leg below the knee. They are joining me today, to share their knowledge of how Nordic Walking can benefit people using prosthetics. 

If people wish to learn more about Nordic Walking and amputation then Phil & Helen have kindly offered to answer any questions and invited you to get in touch via their website, or on twitter and instagram using the handle @discovernordicwalking.

They recommend looking at LimbPower the charity that has  done more than most in this area with specific guidance and training for people with limb loss to become instructors.  Also this online resource by Physiopedia might prove of interest for people wishing to find out more about high level physical activity for people living with lower-limbloss.

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I'm Mary Tweed, a British Nordic Walking instructor with Nordic Walking East Anglia. If you wish to share your story, do get in touch by emailing hello@walkingonairpodcast.co.uk

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