LadyStrong FitCast

Fun Statistics To Strength Workouts

February 01, 2021 LadyStrong Fitness
LadyStrong FitCast
Fun Statistics To Strength Workouts
Show Notes

More women are realizing that strength training can provide numerous positive benefits. These include everything from better metabolism and improved hormonal regulation to increased bone density and just plain being stronger.

Statistically, women tend to put more emphasis on cardio, high-intensity interval training, stretching, and abdominal training than strength training. Engaging in strength training twice a week can reduce overall body fat by as much as three percent in as little as ten weeks. This is because strength training reduces body fat and burns calories more efficiently.

Tune-in now as the Co-Founders (Marciea & Brittany) discuss fun statistics and launching the new Strong-Her Classes that's staring soon!


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Real Quick About LSF:

Established by two women (Marciea & Brittany) for women. LadyStrong Fitness is an intimate boutique style fitness studio, where women like you can come and be yourself without feeling  judged. 

Are you tired of being unhappy with your body? Feel Like you are lacking structure and motivation? Do you hate going to the gym? Good! We’re not a gym....LSF is a lifestyle. 
We’ll change how you think about the “gym routine.”

LadyStrong Fitness offers semi-private classes in just 60-minutes with a total body workout, led by a certified instructor, mixed with three class formats (Body Weight, Strength and Cardio Training) with new workouts everyday. 

While using a heart-rate monitor system that gauges each woman's overall fitness and health that summarizes each workout through a reporting systems. 

LadyStrong Fitness not only emphasizes on fitness, but educates ‘three additional key pillars’, nutrition, mindset and accountability.

This combination is unlike anything you’ll find anywhere else. LSF has an expert team of Green Squad members who have your best interest in mind. 

It’s time to start telling yourself I am LadyStrong