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Conversations from the ECTC 2022 Technology Corner

June 16, 2022 Francoise von Trapp/Multiple Guests Season 2 Episode 17
3D InCites Podcast
Conversations from the ECTC 2022 Technology Corner
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Françoise hit Technology Corner at the IEEE Electronic Components Technology Conference 2022, May 31-June 3, interviewing 3D InCites member companies about being back in person, and their perspectives of some of the key industry challenges such as supply chain issues, sustainability; diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, new technology advancements, and much more. 

Tanja Braun, Fraunhofer - IZM, accepted the 3D InCites Award and shared some of the results of the PLP consortium 2.0. We talked about the challenges of standardizing panel sizes, the progress made, and what’s next for a possible third-phase of development.  

Diane Scheele, EMD, Ken Araujo, Namics; and Dean Payne, Indium all talk about the challenges materials suppliers in meeting sustainability requirements for semiconductor and microelectronics manufacturing.  

John Park, Cadence, talks about how EDA tools for packaging have evolved from PCB based to chip design based. He also talked about the company’s new Thermal Solver tool, Celsius.  

Patrick Parin, Micross, talks about the supply chain shortages, how it’s impacting the company, and the steps they are taking to anticipate and mitigate the situation. 

Robert Avila, Finetech, talks about the company’s new die bonding platform, Pico 2. He also talked about dealing with lead times and price increases as part of the supply chain shortage. 

Robin Davis, Deca, talks about the company’s Diversity Equity and Inclusion initiative that she leads, and what she likes about working there. 

Dick Otte, QP Technologies, talks about the progress, or lack thereof, of the Chips for America Act and which companies are likely to benefit from the funding. He also talks about the changing telecommunications market, and massive increase in data rates between 10 years ago and today. 

YES’s Zia Karim and Dragen Checic talked about a new partnership in Korea, and their new application lab coming soon in Chandler Arizona.

Habib Hichri of Ajinomoto Fine Tech, winner of our Material Supplier of the Year awa

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(Cont.) Conversations from the ECTC 2022 Technology Corner