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SEMI ISS Europe Panel: Empowering Semiconductor Excellence in Europe

March 21, 2024 Francoise von Trapp/Laith Alitmime Season 4 Episode 8
3D InCites Podcast
SEMI ISS Europe Panel: Empowering Semiconductor Excellence in Europe
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In this episode, recorded live at SEMI ISS Europe, Françoise von Trapp hands over the mic to SEMI Europe President, Laith Altimime, who leads a discussion on the European chip industry’s growth and challenges, and whether the European Chips Act will strengthen Europe towards its 20% vision goal.   Panelists include: 

  • Manfred Horstmann, GM and SVP GlobalFoundries Dresden
  • Thomas Richter, Senior Vice President & Managing Director, Infineon Technologies Dresden
  • Juergen Schmidt, VP Semiconductor Manufacturing Frontend, Robert Bosch GmbH
  • Andreas Lippert, Head of Department (Vice President) Acquisition, Inward Investment, Saxony Economic Development Corporation

 The discussion broadened to include the chip industry’s role in sustainability and talent development. Reducing Scope 3 emissions and addressing supply chain challenges are key topics.  
 From this conversation, you’ll discover: 

  • Lessons learned from COVID for creating a resilient supply chain
  • Europe's value proposition for investment in the semiconductor industry
  • Germany’s strengths and unique selling points 
  • How to address the talent crisis 
  •  Cost management in the semiconductor industry 



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A global association, SEMI represents the entire electronics manufacturing and design supply chain.

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(Cont.) SEMI ISS Europe Panel: Empowering Semiconductor Excellence in Europe