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Conversations from the IMAPS International Symposium - Part 1

October 21, 2021 Francoise von Trapp, Nicole Wongk, Markus Patton, KT Moore Season 1 Episode 13
3D InCites Podcast
Conversations from the IMAPS International Symposium - Part 1
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Show Notes

We’re changing things up a bit for the next few weeks with a series of podcast episodes recorded live at the IMAPS International Symposium in San Diego. How we've missed those live events and the hallway conversations! We figured you did too, so we convinced some of our colleagues to sit down with Françoise and record them.

 In this first episode,  we talk with two of the panelists from Monday night’s Diversity and Inclusion Town Hall. Nicole Wongk of Honeywell is putting her chemical engineering background to work in advanced packaging and assembly.  She's active in the company's Diversity and Inclusion initiative.  Marqus Patton,  a software analyst at Accenture Federal Service, is VP of the San Diego Chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers. 

Next, I spoke with Cadence’s KT Moore, who delivered the only In-person keynote. KT is very active in Cadence’s DEI efforts, so we talked a bit about that before diving into the two questions that I asked everyone I spoke with – how have the events of the last 18 months shaped the future of the semiconductor industry. And what are the three things happening in Advanced Packaging right now that we should be watching?  Everyone had something different to say – the next two episodes will feature the rest of those conversations. Here we go…. 

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