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Conversations from SEMICON West Hybrid 2021 – Day Three

December 15, 2021 Francoise von Trapp/Multiple Guests Season 1 Episode 24
3D InCites Podcast
Conversations from SEMICON West Hybrid 2021 – Day Three
Show Notes

As part of our SEMICON West Hybrid 2021 podcast series, Françoise spent lots of time on the show floor, catching up in person with 3D InCites community members and other industry experts to find out how business has been since the last time they saw each other at SEMICON West in 2019. In addition to talking about what they are showcasing in their booths, top of mind topics included the chip shortage, supply chain issues, the talent shortage, managing growth, efforts in sustainable manufacturing, and their hopes and dreams for 2022. 

In this third episode, we hear from: 

  • Joe Montano of Delphon Industries, one of our newest community members. He talked about the company’s three brands that serve the semiconductor industry – Gel-Pak, TouchMark, and UltraTape. He shared how the supply chain shortage impacted the company and talked about Gel-Pak’s latest offering for transporting ultra-thin die. 
  • Kenton Read of Evatec, specialists in sputtering and evaporation technology for thin-film applications. He talked about a new evaporation platform that hooks up to a central handler. They also showcased their Clusterline 300 platform for advanced packaging. They are focused on the future of heterogeneous integration and the advantages their knowledge base across different technologies brings to the table. 
  •  Meg Conkling of Veeco, who recently joined the company as Director of Global Accounts. She talked about how great it is to meet in person at SEMICON West and have the real conversations that you can’t have on Zoom. We discussed the challenge of shortening the supply chain to meeting growing needs of customers, particularly in the face of fab expansion. She says she thinks things will begin to normalize in 2022. She also talked about the company’s plans to double its capacity. The company showcased its Altair platform, a backend lithography tool that provides solutions for the packaging world. 
  • Emerald Grieg of SurplusGlobal, supplier of secondary semiconductor equipment. She talked about the great quality of conversations she had this year at SEMICON West, because it wasn’t crowded and rushed. All the topics we’ve been discussing this week are the ones that are top of mind for her customers. One of the issues they’re dealing with is the vicious cycle of not having chips to build the tools to make the chips. SurplusGLOBAL’s big news is its new state-of-the-art cluster facility and what it has to offer customers for demoing and testing their equipment locally in Asia. 


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A global association, SEMI represents the entire electronics manufacturing and design supply chain.

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