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Air Incidents | everything about aviation incidents


Welcome to Air Incidents! Hosted by the team of the german Air Crash Podcast, this is the english speaking counterpart of the successful Podcast about aviation incidents, accidents, their investigations and background stories. We explain those incidents in a way, non aviation related people can easily understand. Aviation accidents shock and fascinate equally. We look towards them with respect, curiosity and fear. But is flying really dangerous today? Or are the losses of the past a learning for the future? Most aviation accidents are a concentration of unfortunate circumstances that is highly unlikely. Sarah and Sebastian are hosting the german Air Crash Podcast, one of the leading aviation related Podcasts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. With Air Incidents, they take a step towards a more international audience and present their work also in english. New episodes airing every second Friday. Air incidents is an interactive podcast. We value our listeners and your feedback is what drives us. Most future episodes will have a dedicated feedback section in which we discuss and respond to your feedback. So feel free to contact us. Mail: Instagram: air_incidents_podcast Facebook: Air Incidents Podcast