Fair Debt

E11 Holiday Mixtape

December 14, 2021 Lex Patterson Season 1 Episode 11
Fair Debt
E11 Holiday Mixtape
Show Notes

Join a few of the season 1 alumni as we reconnect to talk about what's on our minds and in our hearts as we celebrate the season, and plan for 2022.

What you'll learn about in this episode

  • Regulation F is Implemented what do the next 6 months look like?
  • The communication shift to digital
  • How to use listening as a tool to improve results
  • Podcast and Book recommendations

Guest: Bethany Robertson  Debt Recovery Solutions of  Ohio
Vice President, co-owner, and founder of Debt Recovery Solutions of Ohio, Inc. since 2002 where her vision and passion for strategy continues to push the company to new heights.
Website: https://drsohio.com/

Guest: Debbie Frank CEO Credit Bureau Service llc
Credit Bureau Services is known for being a collection agency that is passionate about helping people become debt-free.
 Website: https://www.creditbureauservicesinc.com/

Guest: Joann Needleman Leader Clark Hill PLC
oann Needleman leads the firm’s financial services regulatory and compliance practice and advises banks, financial institutions, and financial services entities on regulatory compliance matters.
Website: clarkhill.com

Guest: Harry Strausser III President Applied Innovation
Harry is a second-generation collection veteran having held the position of President of two successful collection firms until the sale of those firms in May 2017.  He currently holds the position of President of Applied Innovation, a software company that serves the ARM space.
Website: https://www.appliedinnovationinc.com/