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Using Chat-Based AI to Support Your Content Creation with Andréa Jones

May 25, 2023 Alesia Galati Episode 101
Listeners to Leads
Using Chat-Based AI to Support Your Content Creation with Andréa Jones
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ChatGPT and AI are hot topics in the online space right now. But how will these applications that quickly and efficiently generate content change how we market our podcasts? And how can we best utilize them for our social media content? Today, Andréa Jones joins us again to talk about all this and more! This week, episode 101 of Listeners to Leads is about using chat-based AI to support your content creation! 

Andréa Jones is fiercely committed to helping businesses and podcasters build profitable online communities through simple social media solutions. She's the host of the Savvy Social Podcast, creator of the Savvy Social School, a digital platform designed to teach its 100+ members (predominantly small business owners) how to implement organic social media strategies, and named one of Social Report's top marketers to follow.

In this episode of Listeners to Leads, Andréa Jones shares the importance of adding your voice to AI-generated content and actionable steps you can take right now to get useful information from chat-based AI applications like ChatGPT. 

Andréa and I also chat about the following: 

  • Why people are hesitant to use AI.
  • How AI is impacting how we market our podcasts.
  • The importance of keeping the human element of your marketing, even when AI is doing the initial work.
  • Questions to ask Chat AI so we get useful information back.

Be sure to tune in to all the episodes to receive tons of practical tips on turning your podcast listeners into leads and to hear even more about the points outlined above. Thank you for listening! If you enjoyed this episode, take a screenshot of the episode to post in your stories and tag me! And don’t forget to follow, rate and review the podcast and tell me your key takeaways!

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Listeners To Leads Ep 53: Going Deep (instead of wide) with Your Podcast Content

Speaker 1:

So if I'm asking for something, like I recently did, a podcast behind the scenes style course, i'm not a teach you how to do a podcast person, but I had a lot of my people asking, hey, how did you do your podcast? So I wanted something that was like behind the scenes but for podcasting and, you know, maybe a little rhyme or something that is cute, and so it gave me like 10 ideas and I merged them together to do a behind the mic style course And I was like, oh, that's exactly what I needed behind the mic, not behind the scenes. So by giving it all of that information, it gave me enough of an idea, of a direction so that I could run with something. So giving it tone, context, anything that you can to help it master your voice, is great. It's never going to be perfect, though. Welcome to another episode of Listeners to Lead, where I'm helping podcasters launch and maintain a lead generating show. I'm your host, alicia Galati, the CEO and head podcast strategist behind Galati Media, a full service podcast management company. On this show, you'll hear my guests and I discuss everything it takes to launch a successful podcast and keep it running If you're ready to get leads, land speaking gigs and create deeper connections with your audience through your podcast, then this is the show for you. Today on the podcast, we have Andrea Jones. You are going to love her so much. She was on the podcast back when we first launched And during that episode we were talking about social media how to market our podcast, being very strategic with it. This time we talk about how AI is impacting the way that we market our podcast. We talked through some tools that we can use and specifically considering chat based AI. We also talk about making sure that we are tweaking what these chat based AI resources are giving us to ensure that we are bringing the human side to our marketing, and then we also discuss questions that we can ask these tools to ensure that what we're getting back is actually going to be beneficial for us All. Right, so please join me in welcoming Andrea back to the show. Hello, andrea, thank you so much for coming back on. I'm so excited to chat with you. Oh, thank you so much for having me on the show again. Yes, so if you could start by telling everyone who you are, what you do and about your podcast? Yeah, so I'm Andrea Jones. I'm a social media strategist and host of the Savvy Social Podcast, where we take a deep dive into social media topics, everything from foundational topics to how do we even navigate social media, especially if we're running a business And then also topical topics like we're covering today AI how do we navigate that trending sounds? how do we do TikTok all of those things we explore on the podcast as well? Don't even get me started on TikTok. I just cannot, and maybe that's just like the millennial in me. It's like I'm good, but that's a side tangent. Today we're talking AI and podcasting and how we can use AI to market our podcast, but being very strategic with it, being ethical with it as well. I think that's like a really important thing to drive home, especially as business owners. So what are some of the ways that AI is currently and we're recording this in May of 2023. So obviously, if you're listening to this, five years in the future, a lot of things have probably changed. But, with that in mind, what are some things that are shifting for marketing our businesses, our podcasts, with AI right now? Yeah, and I like to think of AI, specifically chat-based AI, as a creative tool. So an analogy that really can help here is thinking about a microwave dinner, like if I make a microwave dinner, i'm sticking it in the microwave, hitting the max time and it's going. But we've all seen those videos, right? Or even like MasterChef, where they get the microwave dinner and they completely transform it into something else. So I feel like that's what we're dealing with right now with chat-based AI is that it's a creative tool, but it still relies on the creativity of the human behind it, and some of us are just hitting that 60-second button on the microwave and some people are writing whole freaking books with it, right? So I think that there are ways that we can use it in our marketing to really help speed things along. So for me, it's a content idea generator. I just had a baby, or she's a year old now, so I don't know if I can keep saying that, but mom brain is real. I keep forgetting everything. So I'm like okay, if I'm talking about something on social media, give me an idea, a direction, because I don't have time to think about all of these things myself. And so that's how I've been using it, especially when it comes to creating the podcast, because I put so much creative energy into the podcast that by the time, it's time to do the social media piece. I'm tapped out, so I use things like chat GPT to help me come up with more ideas other than here's a podcast. Listen to it please. Yes, and I love the analogy of the microwave dinner versus like the master chef coming in and like really revamping it And like which meal are you really going to want to have? Or even like which meal do you want to present as your own, like thinking of it as like hey, i made this and I'm sharing it with other people. Do I want to say, hey, look at my TV dinner that I microwaved. Or do you want to say, i kind of spruce this up a bit, look what I did? Like you're going to be more excited about having put that energy and that personality into it that an AI chat bot is not going to be able to really give Yes. And so one of the ways that I do this as well in my own writing is I like to use a lot of puns. Sometimes I can't think of them or I like to use, so I did this recently with a podcast episode. I use a lot of drag race references because I'm like a huge RuPaul's drag race fan. Give me any reality to show it. I'm like I don't know why I love it. So I asked chat GPT, like what's a way to take this concept and then use it, as you know, with RuPaul's drag race? And it gave me some examples and half of them I was like these are terrible, but the ones that were good, I was able to use them and kind of elaborate on them in my marketing And so for me I think it's great. Like I know there's a lot of hesitancy and downside, but it has been like fast tracking the way that I produce content. Why do you think that there is that hesitancy for us to use resources like this? Is it that feeling of like well, it's not mine, or how do I tweak it? Or what's kind of like behind those feelings? I think we're all afraid of the robots taking over. Like this has been a theme in movies for a very long time And some things we just accept, and we've accepted over time that if we explain this to ourselves, like our younger selves, we would have been like what We invite, like something like Alexa Sorry y'all if you'll have one into our house like it is artificial intelligence that we're like just listen in on everything that we're saying, and if we say your name, you better respond. Like, if we describe that 30 years ago, we'd be like never in a million years would I put that in my house. And now we just carry one around with us in our pockets, whether you have Google or Siri. So I think that this is an evolution of artificial intelligence, and the chat based model is particularly fascinating because it's more like talking to a human and less like, you know, getting a response from a robot, which is the scary part. It's like OK, so if this thing starts to get feelings and it goes hmm, this human not so smart, let's eliminate them. Isn't that Terminator? Yeah, pretty sure it is. My husband just watched, like a couple weeks ago Yeah, that's exactly what that is. So, with that in mind, and like you mentioned chat based AI a few times, can we give the listeners maybe some definitions or examples of the differences that we're seeing? Yeah, so with something like OpenAI's chat GPT, you can talk to it like a human, so you can describe things and it will remember your conversation, whereas something like Siri or even Google doesn't quite remember all of your conversations And if you start a new conversation with it, you're starting at the beginning. So with chat-based artificial intelligence, you could tell it things like okay, i want this piece of copy this way. Oh, no, no, no, can you fix it, i want it this way, and so that history with the robot is what makes it unique and different. The other thing about this chat-based intelligence is that it is learning. So this is where we get a little creepiness coming in. It is learning constantly from all of the users who are using it, and this model particularly is scanning the internet. But it is a people pleaser, and so this is where some of the misinformation from it comes in, because it will scan. Let's say, you want to source something. It will scan all of the sources and go this kind of looks like a source and like put, make up something that looks like all of the sources, because it's trying to please you. It's little, it's trying to be like yes, maasau, here we go. So I think that's where chat-based models differ from something like our other artificial intelligence is that it doesn't have that history or context. You kind of have to teach it a specific set of skills and that's what it's limited to. That's really interesting, because when I look at it, i'm just like I don't know. I don't know how to use it. I don't know if I want to use it, and we've talked about podcasting and AI and the different AI tools that we use, but this chat specific one like it can feel a little like you're learning, you're constantly learning. You have to add in the natural bias based on vernaculars and things like that that tend to happen with AI that is built by people who maybe aren't diverse. So, really considering all of those different things, but, moving on, what are some of these chat-based AI tools that we could potentially use as we're coming up with ideas for social media or coming up with, maybe you mentioned, like, some hooks for videos or things like that. What are some of these tools? And then we'll get into some of the questions that we can ask these tools Yes, hooks are one of my favorite ways to use chat GPT or open AI, which is my tool of preference. I've tried a few others, like Jasper AI, for instance. They tend to do something similar but be very limited in scope and they tend to be quite expensive, whereas for now, chat GPT, open AI, it's free. It is limited to how many questions you can ask, but it is free And for the average user. You're not going to run into any issues with those limitations. So if I have a podcast episode about TikTok's algorithm, then I may go in to chat GPT and ask it. I have a podcast episode about TikTok's algorithm and I want to create a video to promote that podcast episode. How should I start the video using a compelling hook and give me 10 ideas And then I'll enter and it'll give me 10 ideas And I usually don't actually use a full idea that it has. I may mix and match from some of the ideas and then add in my personality And then there we go, then we have the video hook. I love that. You were like give me 10 ideas. You're not just going to say give me an idea and then it just spits it out and then you use it. You're saying give me some ideas. You mentioned adding in your personality, which I think is really what's going to set content apart. Going forward is those who are showing the TV dinner and those who are showing something that is spiced up, maybe has a little bit of culture to it, a little bit of sauce to it. That's like this is me And that's going to really set you apart in the robots taking our jobs or not, when it comes to creating content, because, especially and I've seen this, people discuss this a lot and I love your opinion on it Because people keep using these resources and using these tools, i think people are going to crave that connection with humanity and with humans even more. What do you think about that? A hundred percent Like? I think human stories and human experiences are what gonna connect us to each other. Like we were chatting in the green room, so to speak, before this, about kids and like the weird things that they do and how they're so unique, and I think those sorts of like connection stories are going to be even more valuable. So we're kind of moving away from like the how to era of marketing, i guess, into a storytelling era. So we wanna hear the stories give me the details. I don't wanna necessarily get like a step by step guide to something, but if you can share a story that tugs at the heartstrings, that makes me laugh, that is punny or a little on the nose or is trending, that's the kind of stuff that I want to consume as a viewer, because that's what I connect with. I wanna feel like I'm a part of something that's dynamic and not kind of like one note, and so I think that, yeah, a hundred percent the humanness of it all is going to become like a premium product And that's why I think that long form content, and podcasting specifically, isn't going anywhere, because it is a medium where we can share our stories, where we can really dive into our personalities and the kind of jokes that we tell and the silliness behind our voice, because you can hear that, you can feel it. So, going back to some of those questions that we can ask chat based, i like chat GPT. What are some things that, as business owners, podcasters, that we can ask it to ensure that we're maximizing it as best we can? Yeah, so one of my favorite questions or favorite ways to like get the robot to give you what you want is to ask just like you would another human. So this is where, like, human based conversation comes in. So let's say, i have a podcast around content marketing and I wanna write a post that's like a poll around content marketing. So I'm like how do y'all feel about content marketing? So I need maybe something interesting or some context. So maybe I type all of that into chat GPT Before I want it, the robot, to give me something. I will say, okay, before you write this post, what other information do you need to help me construct this post? And it'll ask you follow up questions, things like who's your target audience, what's the tone that you want here, what platform is this going to? So that you know we can be specific? Do you need hashtags? Those are actual things that chat GPT has asked me And I'm like, oh right, you probably do need all this information, so I give it all the information and then it'll give me some contacts for that post, and so for me, that's a really, really great starting place for a lot of podcasters and marketers, because, as you are kind of chatting with the robot, sometimes it can be very frustrating because it'll give you something that's bland or generic or it just doesn't understand you, and so you're basically asking it what else do you need to understand what I'm trying to get here? Yeah, and I think that's something that we learn, especially as business owners and service providers of like, when you are on a sales call with someone or when you're having a conversation with another human, you're gonna have to ask those follow-up questions to really get to the root of what it is you're trying to achieve, or to better understand the scope of the project, like there's so many follow-up. Well, is this correct? Let me double check. So it sounds like it is really just talking to another human and they're gonna need to know more information. So I love that question. What are some more questions that we can ask it to ensure that, like, what we're getting is not just beneficial to our audience but is unique? Yeah, so you can give it a tone and a direction, which is a really great thing to do, because the tone that it gives you is just gonna be dry information. So I like, like I said, i like puns. So if I'm asking for something like I recently did a podcast behind the scenes style course, i'm not a like teach you how to do a podcast person, but I had a lot of my people asking, hey, how did you do your podcast? So I wanted something that was like behind the scenes but for podcasting and you know, maybe a little rhyme or something that is cute. And so it gave me like 10 ideas and I merged them together to do a behind the mic style course And I was like, oh, that's exactly what I needed behind the mic, not behind the scenes. So by giving it all of that information, it gave me enough of an idea of a direction so that I could run with something. So giving it tone, context, anything that you can to help it master your voice, is great. It's never going to be perfect, though at least yet. That's what I wanna emphasize for a lot of people, because they get back some, let's say they want it to write a whole caption for you on social media. It's gonna give you the most generic thing ever and it's not gonna work on social media because it's generic. You gotta add your own. I think you can use the word like spice or flavor or something earlier. You gotta add that in. So for me, for instance, if I wanna emphasize something like if I say this is something I say all the time, i'm gonna put like 12 Ls for like oh, chatgpt is not going to do that, right. So when I take the pose that gives me back, i'm like, oh, if I say this all the time, i'm going to write. I say this all the time, but like what else That's me adding in my personality? It feels more like a human is doing it and you can't manufacture it. This I don't just like copy what I said, but figure out how you are writing something and add in your own context to whatever this robot is giving you. And I feel like I do the same thing with, like I have someone right now who is taking my past podcast episodes, my solo episodes, and turning them into fully written and optimized SEO blog posts, right, so like taking and like rewriting it not obviously word for word of what I said, because you can look at the transcript for that, but like something where it's really informational, but it still takes those concepts that I said. And I still have to rewrite it Again because she's not me, right? this this human is not me who is writing it. There's little nuances or little. I don't know that I would say it that way. Or maybe I prefer this tool over this tool, even though I mentioned this tool. So maybe things have changed since I've had that solo episode And like going in and just tweaking it, i am someone who loves to use exclamation points and like I don't care what the rules and you should like bunny ears rules are about exclamation points. If I'm excited about something, i need you to be able to know that and it needs to be exclamation points, many of them throughout the whole paragraph, so like I'm going to have to add those in after the fact. So the same, i think, goes for something like chat GPT in taking it and really making it and molding it into something that feels like you. Yes, i love a good exclamation point. I think we could do the same thing with like emojis and gifs and like things we use all the time, like is there like a go to emoji or jiff for you that you're like? that's me, yes. So the dead face or the skull face is me laughing hysterically. I've died, that's it. I'm dead, i'm done, i'm dead. And then the gift that I always go to is Louise from Bob's Burgers evil, laughing with fire behind her. Like that's my personality, literally. Those two things I love that. And see, i think that's that's something that you know. Chat GPT is never going to, never going to get that, at least in its current iteration. So I had those in. Oh, i love that so much. What about you Now? I want to know yours. Oh, i love a good shits Creek, um, jiff, so anything that's like I love that for you or I love that journey for you. I'm probably use that all the time, and I don't mean it sarcastically, like they say right now, like I use it genuinely and I just, i just love that. Yeah, oh, that's great. So now you need to DM us and let us know what your favorite emojis and gyps are, please, and thank you. This is where the human connection comes in, guys. Is there anything else that we really need to consider? or things that like thinking we're podcasters, we're going to test out these tools, we're going to use them to try to help us market our podcast. What are some more things we should consider? Yeah, so I think one of the ways that I have used this is idea generation And we, like I said, we spend so much time on our podcast episodes sometimes that we miss the social media side, the gaps in there. So what I did recently was I took my top 10 podcast episodes and I gave the titles to chat dbt and I said can you give me some social media post ideas around these topics? And I would like a list of 50, please. And it gave me a long list which I kind of pepper in throughout my social media because these are topics that are already proven to resonate with my audience. It's a resource that I do every year anyways. I pull my top episodes of the year so that I can plan for the next year. But I want to revisit those topics again, maybe not a full podcast episode, but in a social media post, and then I can point back to the episode and say, hey, if you like this, go back to episode you know 150 or whatever and listen to the full podcast episodes. So this is a way to kind of loop your new audience members back into old episodes without having to think of all of the ideas all the time. And I love this so much because I'm all about working smarter, not harder. We have these tools available to us. I have an episode we'll make sure we link it in the show notes, going deeper with your content rather than wider. Like, really, if your audience is interested in this, like, revisit it, talk about it. How can you talk about it in the context of what's happening now? How can you talk about it with maybe a new lens on it, now that you're past certain parts of your business or certain parts of your life? Like there's so much that we can reuse past episodes or past content in marketing, in our social media content, even in discussions with people or even in future podcast episodes. So I love that so much. Anything else, yeah, i mean, i think this tool is going to evolve. So if you've listened to this episode and you're like man, try not to know if this is for me, i think we're in the age of like this is going to be embedded in everything that we do. So I reference chat GPT a lot, because it's what I've spent a lot of time on. But there are so many other tools Like Google just came out with this amazing new tool called Google Bard and there's another one What did you say? it was called Google Google Labs in Google Documents. Yes, it's embedded in Google Documents. I just downloaded Grammarly is like doing a beta version of this. It'll help you like reword sentences for clarity and things like that. I think it's just going to be a part of life, and so to me, it's a little bit like when I was growing up. You know my grandpa saying you know why would you need a computer in your house. You know like it's like okay, okay, grandpa. You know it's like it feels a little bit like that where things are evolving, we're evolving as a society And I think some of this is just kind of accepting the direction that we go, and not just accepting it, but like learning to leverage it so that you can be ahead of people who aren't. And so just taking the time to dive into this really wild world of chat-based artificial intelligence could help you produce content faster, your episodes faster, market your episodes faster. There's ones that even help you write show notes and things which I know you've already talked about. Like it helps you do everything faster so you can spend time on the time. That that, like what we talked about, is important the humaneness, the connection, the stories, the things that people really resonate with. Yes, when you mentioned the why should you have a computer in your house, i'm thinking about all the times my husband talked about, like when he was in math class and you're like you're not going to have a calculator. You should know how to use this, how to do this without a calculator. It's like everyone has a calculator now and it's right there on your phone. So, yeah, same thing, so great. For anyone who's like I need more Andrea and please, i need to know all the things, or I want to stalk her on social media or listen to her podcast. Where can people find you, learn from you, hang out with you? Yeah, so my podcast is called the Savvy Social Podcast. I'm on social media everywhere, at online draa, online DRA, or you can go to my website online draacom. I have tons of free stuff that's available to, like a free social media course, templates, things like that. If you go to the website, you'll see them all there. Perfect, we'll make sure we link all of that in the show notes. Andrea, thank you so much. This has been so insightful and educational and also inspiring to like just own our humanness. I love that. Yes, thank you so much for having me on the show. It was great.

Using Chat-Based AI to Support Your Content Creation with Andréa Jones
How do we use AI to market our podcast?
Why is there such hesitancy to use artificial intelligence?
What are some of these chat-based AI tools that we could use to come up with ideas for social media?
What’s going to set content apart in the future?
What are some more questions that we can ask it to ensure that what we are getting is not just beneficial to our audience, but unique?
The importance of adding your own context to your posts.
What are some more things we should consider in social media?
How artificial intelligence is going to be embedded in everything that we do.

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