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Taking on the Change: Let's talk Menopause!

Anna Friend

My name is Anna Friend, I’m 47 and last year I entered that unknown black hole, the peri menopause. Since then I have discovered that even the mere mention of the M word can evoke an internal shiver from all corners of society and this made me wonder why? Specifically why the hell aren’t we talking more about MENOPAUSE. So, I decided to talk to women, lots and lots of women, who have shared their experiences, their view points and their top tips. My hope is that by doing this we stop referring to the Menopause as some negative rant and see it for it’s positive possibilities. So this is it. A collection of wonderful conversations with women from different backgrounds and with differing experiences of Menopause. From taking a holistic approach to HRT, you'll hear it all, the dark and the light and all the laughter in between. If you'd like to contribute to Taking on the Change please contact friendsforlifeproductions@gmail.com or find Anna Friend on Twitter @friend_anna Instagram @annalouisefriendFacebook www.facebook.com/friendsforlifeproductionsSome episodes contain strong language and opinions. These are frank and honest conversations.Follow, like and Subscribe to get all the episodes first!