Women's Health, Wisdom, and. . . WINE!

#2 - Pop the Corks: It's a Birthday Celebration! | Wakeya Henry

April 28, 2021 Dr. Laurena White Season 1 Episode 2
Women's Health, Wisdom, and. . . WINE!
#2 - Pop the Corks: It's a Birthday Celebration! | Wakeya Henry
Show Notes

The Women's Health, Wisdom, and... WINE! podcast is a biweekly conversation with practitioners, providers, patients & healers about complex reproductive medicine & women's health challenges, the value of an integrative approach to these challenges, many of the women's health topics you're already thinking about & uncomfortable talking about & my personal favorite... WINE!

I incorporate medicinal wine made from raw Chinese herbs as a self-care practice. As an amateur sommelier, I learned more about wine than I ever imagined. More than a beverage, I found wine to be inviting, mysterious, sexy, sensual, and complex. Wine tasting & vineyard hopping all over the world has become a large part of my life. I have met countless wine connoisseurs & enthusiasts, including my beloved guest today, Wakeya Henry. While wine is our shared passion, we have a very important commonality that draws us even closer as Black women in business & most importantly, sister-friends.

About our guest:
Wakeya Henry is a certified wine specialist who started her journey in the wine industry in 2017, studying with the Court of Master Sommeliers (CMS) and Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET), where she achieved Level III certification. She found a love for wine after naïvely attending her first wine tasting held in a ballroom with approximately fifty winemakers and negociants from around the world. She quickly discovered that something special and mysterious existed in wine and that it was much more dimensional than she originally presumed. That experience inspired her to explore the world of wine and expand her knowledge of winemaking. As a result, she successfully created a brand that honored her love for both service and wine, and became the small business owner of VinoBLU® wine bar, a unique mobile wine bar that specializes in providing wine services for corporate, private and social events. Wakeya continues to further her education in the wine industry and apply these skills to providing a great wine experience for others. Wakeya also has a lengthy career for over thirty years with federal government where she currently serves as an Administrative Specialist with the Department of Justice, National Security Division. Wakeya enjoys everything wine, a good Netflix binge, traveling, and great company to share it all. Her goals are to obtain advanced sommelier certification and open multiple wine bars locally and nationally.

Resources Mentioned:
RUBUS Shiraz
Total Wine
The Wine Bible

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