Women's Health, Wisdom, and. . . WINE!

#3 - The Birth of a Mother | Rakiya Moore

May 12, 2021 Dr. Laurena White Season 1 Episode 3
Women's Health, Wisdom, and. . . WINE!
#3 - The Birth of a Mother | Rakiya Moore
Show Notes

The Women's Health, Wisdom, and... WINE! podcast is a biweekly conversation with practitioners, providers, patients & healers about complex reproductive medicine & women's health challenges, the value of an integrative approach to these challenges, many of the women's health topics you're already thinking about & uncomfortable talking about & my personal favorite... WINE!

For most women, pregnancy and new motherhood is a joy — at least some of the time. But most mothers also experience worry, disappointment, guilt, competition, frustration, and even anger and fear. Giving birth to a new identity can be as demanding as giving birth to a baby. Becoming a mother is an identity shift, and one of the most significant physical and psychological changes a woman will ever experience. Matrescence, the process of becoming a mother, has been largely unexplored in the medical community. Instead of focusing on the woman’s identity transition, more research is focused on how the baby turns out. However, a woman’s story, in addition to how her psychology impacts her parenting, is important to examine, too. Of course, this transition is also significant for fathers and partners, but women who go through the hormonal changes of pregnancy may have a specific neurobiological experience.

About our guest:
Rakiya Moore is a Public Health Professional currently working in the District. She is helping to reduce and eliminate Black maternal mortality and morbidity in the District's hospitals. 

She is constantly exploring varieties of avenues to further build her career in women's health. Just recently, Rakiya obtained her Vaginal Steam Facilitator Certification to assist women with their reproductive health. 

While balancing work life, she is also preparing to be a first-time mom and looks forward to the additional knowledge she will gain from this new experience. 

Resources Mentioned:
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Natural Pregnancy Guide: Empowering Moms to Make Healthy Choices

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