Women's Health, Wisdom, and. . . WINE!

#33 - It's Time to Decolonize Your Skincare Routine | Cherie Elder

January 26, 2022 Dr. Laurena White Season 3 Episode 33
Women's Health, Wisdom, and. . . WINE!
#33 - It's Time to Decolonize Your Skincare Routine | Cherie Elder
Show Notes

The Women's Health, Wisdom, and... WINE! podcast is a weekly conversation with practitioners, providers, patients & healers about complex reproductive medicine & women's health challenges, the value of an integrative approach to these challenges, many of the women's health topics you're already thinking about & uncomfortable talking about & my personal favorite... WINE!

Melanin is what gives skin its uniquely special color. For the most part, the ingredients and types of products needed to address skin concerns remain the same regardless of skin color. However, there are some physiological differences to take into consideration for people with more richly-melanated skin. 

The terms “melanin-rich skin” or “skin of color” cover a wide spectrum of ethnicities and skin tones. Physiological variations among different ethnicities vary depending on the amount of melanin, but some of the most common issues melanin-rich skin may struggle with include:

  • Potential for more stubborn hyperpigmentation (spots and uneven tone)
  • A propensity for dark circles in skin around the eyes
  • Acne
  • Moisture and hydration
  • Sun protection

Cherie highlights some of the distinctions for skin of color while also pointing out some universally effective skin care rules.

About Cherie:
Cherie is a licensed esthetician, esthetic educator, and owner of NAVASHALOM SKIN STUDIO. She is passionate about helping you achieve clear, glowing skin! As an esthetic educator who specializes in progressive corrective care for skin of color, she enjoys bringing the skin basics taught in the classroom into her treatment room, so that you will be well equipped to understand your own skin and how to provide it with the most effective care. She incorporates a "whole-istic" approach which includes skin and health history, lifestyle habits, nutritional habits, and past and present product use to (1) determine the foundation of what's causing your skin troubles (2) address skin concerns, and (3) achieve your skin goals.

Cherie is here to help your skin heal. Sooo . . "Let's get to work!"

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