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Rachel /Cris

Rach is a 20 year + health care worker that has never had a blessed life, but she has always had the knowledge that other people have even less, so she has always wanted to give. Rach has 5 biracial children in the LGTBQ spectrum, and has taught them to always think outside themselves. In her podcast with her co-host Cris. Together they talk about Diversity, educate on Mindfulness, and teach on bring Modern Medicine, and Holistic Healing to being your own best advocate, and best selves. Rach is so excited to be a blessed ambassador on the app Bless a humanitarian app, being able to continue her hearts work of helping others in life. Cris, is so happy to get his all natural food business off the ground. Hence, the reason they have started bringing in companies, and small businesses into some of their episodes.