Estate Professionals Mastermind - Probate and Senior Real Estate Podcast

Cold calling pre probate vs. probate leads, DNC numbers,and role play partners

June 22, 2022 Probate Mastery Episode 71
Estate Professionals Mastermind - Probate and Senior Real Estate Podcast
Cold calling pre probate vs. probate leads, DNC numbers,and role play partners
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In this call, the probate masterminds break down probate real estate prospecting tips that will help you commit to practicing your scripts, committing to your role-play and cold calls, and having better conversations with pre-probate and probate prospects. Other topics discussed include whether you need to build your probate vendor team before starting to market your probate brand, why the language you use can make a huge difference in your relationships, and why a service-oriented approach is a necessary element of growth mindset. Dive into this episode now:

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0:00 Levels of service in your work and life (Mindset and Growth)

11:30 Cold Calling Pre-Probate Leads vs. probate leads for finding investment deals (Motivated Seller Leads)

15:16 Do you need a vendor team before you make calls? (Real Estate Coaching)

24:14 Mike Ferry Prospecting School Reviews (Real Estate Prospecting)

25:59 Should I cold call DNC numbers? (Real Estate Cold Calling)

28:32 Finding a real estate role play partner (Cold Call Practice)

36:41 Resources for estate executors: (Probate Resources)

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Good afternoon. I'm Bill Gross. This is our probate mastery weekly call. We do this every. Tuesday at noon pacific time or 3:00 PM where I am today on the east coast Eastern time. And every time in between, and then we post it on to YouTube and other social media. Um, The goal of this program is really for helping people who are in the probate mastery alumni program. The idea is that you're part of a community and that we wanna work together and help each other become more successful and help each other sell more houses, or if your investors buy more houses. Either way, make more income and build more wealth together. I thought today I'd share something I'm here at I'm part of the E XP Realty. And it's our national convention. That brings me to Orlando. I thought I would share with you guys a picture that I saw that kind of explains, I think the concept where, when I work with agents and I'm building a national team and I end up coaching agents through probate mastery, as well as on my team and also have agents call me with questions and such. And I think this is the core where most people get stuck. I wanted to share that today. If I could so share a screen, and there it is. Okay. So can you guys see this picture? So there's four concentric circles. This was done by Jared Robbins. Who's Tony Robbins. I think oldest son, I don't was he had a son. But his oldest J head coach of success coaching, which is affiliated with success magazine. For those of you subscribe to it, which was a great. And he describe the challenge in sales and building success. And I believe it really, when I was watching, I said, this is really the essence of probate for me, why Chad's approach to this resonated to me in a way that other people's coaching didn't. So it's been kind of hard to see, but think of four circles, the inner circle, the smallest one is self. And the question is how much do you care? Well, we only care about ourself. We're playing a very small game. It's not hard to play by yourself. Animals only play for the most part themselves or maybe their families. That's most real estate agents. That's get me a property, get me a listing, get me a deal playing at a small level. The next level. If you care more, you care about tho yourself and then those people who serve you now, I'm not an expert in marriage. We actually have a guy on the phone. Who's a pastor, but I can give marriage advice because I know what not to. Or I know what I'm supposed to do. I'm not saying I do it, but I do know about the marriage is when you were just getting married, cuz it serves your needs or your interests. That's a tough marriage. That's a small way of playing marriage. I'm gonna get married cuz she makes me happy. I'm get married because she fulfills me with certain physical or other ways carrying on about people who serve you. Caring about your kids because they serve you. Not because you wanna give to the kids to help them grow. The third level is caring about other people in your community, your family, for example, this is a higher level of marriage. I care about my wife because I wanna help another person go through life and be successful, or we're one person that we wanna together work on the community or the. Or children helping your children grow up because you take pride in seeing them grow, not the way you want them to stay in your house to serve you because you wanna build a better world and future world. And then the higher levels outside of those people that even touch you. That's helping your community, your country. When people serve, like Winston was a Marine, when people served in the military, Now, of course there are, you can serve cuz you wanna kill people. You can serve because you wanna work with your buddies. Those are levels of service as well. But when you're in the military and serving, cuz you wanna save the world from, in world war II, from the Nazis or from whatever you're serving all aspects of life, that's even beyond people who know you and you hear the story all the time with service members being touched by the meeting, let's say a family in a foreign country. Or refugees or victims of the military going on. That's the highest level. When we serve other people who don't even serve us, we don't even know who they are. And to me, this summarizes probate done the right way. When agents call me just to look well, how, what, how do I, what script they used to get a deal right away of those four levels? What level are they focused on? Self. When you're an investor just looking to make money, regardless of how you treat the seller. What level are you working on? Level 1, 2, 3, or four. You're on level one, right? One that's your agent struggle? That's your investor struggle. If you only help people help you. It also is a struggle cause it's really just a bigger form of yourself. The reason what resonated for me with probate mastery and with Chad's coaching was because now I'm going to find people who I'm giving value to. Yes, I make money. Of course, I'm not a, I'm not in this for charity work, but I'm here to make a fair fee for fair value created. And by the way, the more value I create the higher fee I can charge. So I'm helping people more along the way, getting help. And then some people take it another love. I know Chad's traveled to foreign countries to help people with the profits, from his success in business. That's helping other people in life, but I really believe in probate, if you can focus on helping other people I've said before, my first coach was Zig Zigler. He said, you have anything you want in life. If you help enough other people get what they want. And I believe you can get off of yourself and your need for commission. And get into supporting your family because they deserve to be supported or get into supporting your community or giving money back to your community, helping other people, helping that seller out of a jam by making a fair profit. And I believe in reinvesting those profits in the world. I believe that if you focus on those things, if you noticed who say circles get bigger, the circle's bigger, you become bigger. You will grow into that job. And I think that's why typically when people get married, they make more money because they need to make more money. When you help the community, your income tends to grow. My brother-in-law was just recently honored by a huge community dinner, 1200 people paying $500 a ticket to honor him. It was a fundraiser, but he's made a career out of serving his community. And as a result, He's had tremendous business. He's the co-president of a publicly traded REIT. Makes millions his salary's public information. He made, he has a salary of $8 million a year. That's a little more than I make because he's built a career serving other people. And along the way, he makes a lot of money, but he is always looking to help other people. That's my idea. That's my understanding of Chad's version of probate mastery. Yours might be different. You might say to me, Bill, that all sounds good, but I just gotta pay the bills right now. And I would say to you, the fastest way to pay the bills is find some bigger reason than just you to pay the bills. Now you might ask me, why am I talking about mindset? I just wanna learn how to list and sell a probate or buy probate as an investor. And what I'm gonna say to you is 90% of all transformation starts with your mindset. If you're at zero and you wanna get to one a month, it start, that's a transformation that starts with your mindset. If you wanna break through that starts with mindset. Now, if you're up and running, I run a business. I'm selling properties and listing properties. I am also on this call to learn how to do individual deals along the way. And that's what we're here to talk about today, but I wanted to start and share with you and at least get recorded what I think is the fundamental problem. Most people. Which is they're focused on what's in it for me. And that makes this business for them very challenging. If you can focus on how can I help people? I think you'll find it to be a much better business. So I have some other questions to go over to that we got through our system. But anybody else have any questions on that or anything you'd like to add to that? Does that make sense? Bill. I agree with you a hundred percent. You have to go into it with the right mindset. These are not quick and easy deals most of the time. And if you're not going into it to genuinely help people, if it's just strictly money related. It's gonna be an uphill battle. So, I think that you're speaking from experience and wisdom on that and, you know, I would use that same recommendation to anybody transitioning in the business. Well, fantastic. Well, thank you for I always like what people agree with me and I naturally assume when you really need it. Right? So thank you so much. Anybody else who disagrees feel free to disagree? We can have a respectful conversation. Winston, you got your hand up. Yeah, I was just gonna carry on with what the last gentleman just said, Zach, I guess is his name. We've both been in business long enough to know that we're speaking with people, whether it's on the phone or in person, when your heart and your mind is in the right place, they can see it. They can feel. It makes doing business in my so much easier and much more rewarding in the end too. And that generates more referrals. Definitely. Well, thank you. You agreed with me as well. Love you. Agree me free. If you agree with me, feel free to part you with me, like to hear from you as well. Yeah. Yeah. Bill. Yeah, bill. Hey, Bruce. Yeah, I think maybe once easy way, this just came to me. When you were explaining these different tiers, but basically I think that if you could recommend someone to estate planning, cuz there's a lot of people who just do not have estate planning together and some of my past clients have not had that. So I think that's a good segue and easy way to kind of start building up that those circles because that's really something that's important because if somebody dies and they don't have a will, it's, we all know it's messy. Yeah. So I think, I think it's something that people really need to put together so that they can avoid that chaos later for their family. A hundred percent Bruce that's great insight. And you know,, Chad has talked about it and interviewed some people. I know on my probate I also host for those, you may not know. I host a probate call probate every Thursday for PM Pacific. And that's my personal call. This one I'm doing on behalf of Chad and probate mastery, but I also interview their attorneys now again, because it's my channel there. I do support my own business. So I'm gonna interview attorneys. I'm trying to, generate business from and get referrals from. But I also interview attorneys around the country and I'm always looking for attorneys in different states to interview. So I would just say out to you, if anybody here, if you have an attorney you'd like to have interviewed on that call, let me know. I'm always looking for more, but Bruce you're a hundred percent right. Helping your customers avoid probate by getting an estate plan, I think is one of the best things you can do for them. If it generates business to an estate planning attorney who in turn refers business to you, that's just a win, win, right? The attorney gets business, you get business at the end, but more importantly, your customer avoids probate, which I think is they'll feel comfortable and safe and make more money. So thank you for the input. Sure. Okay. Anybody else on that topic? Just in general, the mindset, the importance of mindset, anybody have any input or insights on that? We're coming from being a service. Raise your hand, hit the chat box on zoom. I hope you guys all know that there is a Facebook group. It's so funny because when I talk to agents in my company regarding to social media, they think of Facebook as being so old fashioned. So a couple things I wanna say is I think that the Facebook group probate mastery alumni is a fantastic tool. If you've taken this program, you have an additional tool that should continue for you learning, going on. And agents go in there and ask questions and we post this call there and reminders this call, but then also you get agents ask questions. So I thought today I would share some of those questions on the call today, and we could talk about them together. The one that came up that I thought was pre probate leads. Tony asked pre probate leads versus probate leads, which are preferred for listings and or investment opportunities or why. And somebody answered that they tried the pre-probate. They put a lot of time into it. And at the end they found it not to be as productive as you might have thought. And instead came to kind of reacquaint themselves with the importance of being of service. So they don't use the pre-probate leads, instead probate. So my question, anybody here on the call anybody have any personal experience? Cold calling pre probate leads? Anybody here on the call try either call or mail to pre probate leads can share? Hey bill. Hey Jessica. Hey, how's it going? Great. So we make it a practice to we've started incorporating, I would say in the last two months pre probates here and there, not a ton we're trying to just like sprinkle them into our database and who we're working with. The conversation is a lot more delicate. And what we've found is when we take this approach, the whole, coming from a place of service, we're getting. A much better reception once they get over that initial shock of the fact that we're calling in regards to someone that they lost. But when they see the value that we're bringing, they're really thankful that we've gotten to them before they even get to the court. Cuz they don't know about things like fee waivers and for whatever reason, attorneys don't typically tell people about fee waivers mm-hmm and then getting ready for that initial meeting. So I feel like it's less backtracking than some of the clients that we're working with that have hearings coming up and we're having to help them make sure they've crossed all their Ts and dotted their eyes before their hearing. So it's well received for the ones that it's well received for. We have gotten hung up on we've gotten called ambulance chasers and that. Yeah, there's gonna be haters. So Jessica, where do you sell real estate? So my team actually works. We have nine agents and we cover San Diego, orange county, LA Riverside in San Bernardino. Wow. For you? Yeah. Sounds like you're busy. Yeah, for sure. My dad's been in real estate for over, I think 46, 47 years. Wow. And the last 35 have been focused on probate. So who's your father. What's your last name? name is Jerry Redmond. Oh, wow. Yeah, so he exciting looked over to eXp from Keller under me maybe six months ago. Wow. Well welcome. Are you here at the shareholder? No. I'm driving my kids for summer right now. very nice. Okay, good. Well, thanks for sharing that. And I think you're one of the few people... it's nice to have it, that I've talked to. That've had success with pre probate leads. And I think you're right. It, it probably has to do with their, with the attitude because they're sold as "well, here's where you can jump the line and get business first!" And I think that if you don't have a really solid. Service game to put together with that, then it can obviously offend people, cause difficulty, anybody. And then Jessica, thank you for sharing that with us and welcome to your father joining us at the eXp. How exciting I think that, I'm the next question I'm gonna get to is I don't know what percentage of agents that buy the leads actually call them! This phone call. This zoom call we're doing is encouraging you to make the phone calls, but I have a feeling that sometimes people pick an area and get tighter and tighter in that strategy because they don't wanna make the phone calls. They're scared to call the wrong person. You should never be scared to call anybody. Anybody on the phone is a contact, but my guess is most people, even who do the pre probate, maybe mail postcards to them but don't actually make the phone calls and that's gonna cause you to have a problem. If you don't make the phone calls, my guess is you can't get the business. The next time I see from Steven in the chat box to everybody. So I guess I should feel comfortable sharing this. Steven says I'm so crazy. I've been sitting on leads for three weeks and I haven't made the calls yet. Steven, can you unmute yourself? And can we just chat about this? I'll give you a little free kind of free coaching on this. If you're interested. Yeah, sure. I'm here. I'll tell you, I'm kind of, I guess, just researching a lot. And what's crazy is, I can make cold calls like I have in the past. FSBOs, expireds. I do a lot of mobile homes. Have no problem talking to those people or park managers. I, I really don't have like call reluctance, but this feels so very different from everything else I've done. I feel I guess how do you say just like really ignorant on it. And I've even called like some old folks homes. I've actually had a couple of um, 55 plus deals where they moved someone into hospice and they had to sell the dad's house. And I had one where they moved the dad into the daughter's house and then sold us duplex. But those were kind of just by accident. Right. You're gonna, if you're making phone calls, you're gonna get those, right? Yeah. If you're calling expireds or cold calling or any other format of dialing, you will occasionally get just about everything. Just mathematically speaking. You're bound to get somebody who's father died yesterday. I've had that happen, just cold calling. Right? If you call enough people, I used to call 40 people a day, was my contact call. You're bound to talk to those. Correct. Mm-hmm. And you're bound to talk to people in 55 and up housing situations and maybe they're having, they have terminal cancer. You're gonna get some of those accidentally, you get all kinds of stuff, randomly when you make phone calls. But the question is why do you buy the leads and not make those phone calls? think what I think through it, and I try to imagine it part of it's the vendor list. It's really hard for me to get contractors. That you that I trust. And I feel like I have to have that since that's like one of the options we really have to present. And just in general, those are hard people to find people in trade contractors, even like a plumber lawn care, that stuff is really hard to get out here. I mean, if you do find someone reputable, they can't do anything for two or three months. Where's out here. Where do you sell real? Salt lake city, Utah. Great. So let me give you guys all a clue. Don't wait till you have your vendor list to make your phone calls. Don't think you need to. So here's the thing. And I heard, I believe I heard Chad make this conversation with somebody else. But I've used it ever since. I've kind of made it my own in, in my coaching, which is this, what Chad's telling you to do is to have a. Don't think because you don't have a plumber or a painter or whatever that your team is incomplete. Cuz who's the most important member of your team. You are like, I am. Steven is yeah, you are right. Yeah. So here's the thing. If I said to you, Steven, right now, pick the one that's hardest to find, let's say it's a plumber. You can't find a plumber in St. In salt lake city for a few months. Okay. Something like. If I said to you, okay, I have a listing right now. I'll give it to you. It's a million dollars. I have to sell it so we can list it 900. I'm gonna pay you full commission. I know that's five or 6% in your market area. Full commission plus an extra percent. Cause I wanna get sold right away, but you have to have a plumber at my house today.


00 PM. Could you get a good qualified, proper plumber

there by 5:

00 PM today? If that was the case? Yeah. Let me make any issue. I'll give you million dollar check. Could you get the guy there by today by five o'clock? Yeah, it'll happen. For sure. For a million dollars cash. Yeah. Yeah. So, so think of the mindset that it's not, even if I gave you the best plumber in salt lake city. And he was my brother and I made him promise to you that you're his V I P client. You have his phone number 24/7. It'll be there just for you that doesn't come across to the customer, unless you display that confidence to your customer. Yeah, it starts with you. You either are, have a guy or gal or you'll get a guy or gal to solve whatever problem they have, that's your job. Right? And in some cases you have that name and number ahead of time. And other times you're gonna find, and this is you've been longer. If you sound younger than me. I think everybody sounds younger than me, but there are times I think I have a great vendor. What you said, sorry. Sorry, Siri is such, such a 'Butt-in-ski!' You think you have the right vendor on your Rolodex and you'll call Wendy and that vendor's out of business. He has died. He's sick, he's on vacation. He's this or she or whatever. It's not the vendor it's you. And if you really got that, the confidence the list would never stop you. Yeah. That makes sense. That's just a decision. You have to make, look in the mirror and say, I'll do whatever it takes to make my customer happy. And once you do that, the vendor list becomes part of the tasks, but the job is now covered cuz you commit to making it happen. Okay. So everybody on the call raise your right hand, make this pledge with me. I will do whatever it takes to make my customers. I will do whatever it takes to make my customer's happy. Knowing they'll never be happy. I don't control their happiness. I'll just do the best I can do knowing they'll never be happy. I can't control their happiness. I'll do the best I can do. There you go. Now you're all engaged. You'll have a great team. It's you some, you have names of numbers, some you don't. Okay, Steven. All right. Sounds good. So I was just in a great call today or a great meeting today with one of the top. Real estate producers and team leaders. And he talked about this whole story about the Mo the movie Cinderella man is about James Braddock, former a heavyweight champion. And at the end of the day, you just have to decide you're gonna make the calls no matter what, right. How much it hurts, how embarrassing it is, how difficult it's once you make the calls, you'll develop the confidence, but there's no amount of Rolodex of vendors. There's no, Vendor list. That's gonna make you have the confidence to make the calls. You've gotta just commit to doing it. Okay. Any other reasons why you can't make your phone calls starting today? Steven? No, I'm just gonna go ahead and make the calls after this. I, they already went through and highlighted the ones that are the PRS that are outta state. I figured they're probably my better ones to hit first. So make sure I call them first and then get the people that are different addresses here in the state. If it's same address, it's probably a surviving spouse, which to me probably wouldn't be as good. So that's kind of my. Order a priority. So I already went through the leads and kind of organized 'em like that. Okay. So yeah, I'll do it. So make those calls come back next week. That's how you did. Okay. All right. Great. Thanks. Steve Martin says we haven't made cold calls yet. We're doing test campaigns and mailers so far. Steve, are you talking about to pre-probate or in general to probate? This was to. Pre probates that we leads that we've been getting we're actually the, by the new newer kids in the group here you were asking about cold calling at the time I put that comment, correct? No, I got it. I understand. So we haven't done cold calls because our leads have been skipped trace, but I'm sorry, you're saying you haven't done cold calls because your leads were, yeah, we got skip traced leads, but they haven't been DNC. So we were kicking around whether to do, to try to get them DNC checks so we could do either poll calls or possibly ringless voicemails. Okay. Okay, good. So you haven't done yet, so it'd be interesting to see your feedback. I would certainly encourage. You not to text or drop do voicemail drops unless you're calling the people. I just, I'm sure it works when you do millions of 'em. I just don't think in the numbers that most of us do as agents the numbers make sense. And I think you're also gonna inevitably cause yourself some problems, but that's just another discussion. So, but again, when you may start making those phone calls, come back here report and let us know how the pre probates work for I'd love to see more, more real world experience. Because again, my theory. That pre probates are being bought more by people who are scared to make phone calls and somehow think, well, I'll just send postcards to these people. And I don't believe that the postcards itself are gonna get the job done for you. Okay. Phil says Google and find larger or regional companies doesn't need to be personal. Okay. So Phillip is giving some tools, but again, Phillip, I think it starts with you making the commitment. If you're committed to. Then you're and somebody else said, well, Facebook groups for, to, again, to fill out your Rolodex, there's a lot of, it's just, sorry. It was just a comment about trying to find a plumber that, that if, if you can't find somebody or find somebody known to you, just Google it and like you said, if it's a million bucks, you'll come up with somebody. Exactly. You'll thank you. But again, the answer is not the Google or Facebook or which those are tasks. The answers first, you commit to it, then you'll figure it out. And we all have, we're pretty smart. And if you can figure it out, come into the public master group, believe, answer a question. And the other people will give you some good suggestions as well. Joyce says she's in desperate need of some coaching. I'm making cold calls at call Tom Ferry. We know. Look, I recommend his father's company, Mike Ferry organization, and they have something they call used to call the phone. Ooh, what was it called? I went to it numerous times where you went to their call center and got trained at the call center live. They now, I think it's sold out this year and now they only do it virtually but it's very good. And it's very cost effective. Specifically for cold calling. I would recommend of all the real estate cold calling coaching. I know of that's the best to know that you can purchase. So I would go to the Mike ferry organization and take a look at their uh, used to be called phone. What was. Prospecting school, they changed the name. I went to about five or six of those in Vegas. Fantastic. Tony Smith was a coach. Fantastic. They still do a virtual version of it which is obviously less expensive. So I would check that. So, so now do I go to Mike ferry and what's the name of the program I ask for? It used to be prospecting school. I don't know what's called today. I wanna say it's something like that. Like the prospecting workshop it's they have different programs, but those, I believe they have one that's live and the rest are all virtual where you make phone calls and they it's like a zoom call thing, but they he's always been the best on teaching cold calling. Mike Ferry. And he's is he on the Tom Ferry organization? No that's Tom's father and Tom used to work for Mike and they broke up and started his own company. And I think a lot of Tom's coaching is a lot easier and more fun and entertaining. Mike's is much more fundamentals. And I think as a result, if you wanna learn specific skill phone calling, I think Mike freight does a much better job of teaching that. Thank you. Sure might help Zac, your hands up. How can I help you? I was just gonna make a comment on the DNC piece I agree with you on the, I don't do the voicemails, the ringless voicemails. I don't do the text. When I do make the calls, to be honest, I don't pay any attention to the DNC list. Over the years, Chad's talked about it. A bunch of different people have talked about it, that when you're calling from a service standpoint and you make it as a very warm call occasionally you'll have someone that flips out and says I'm on the DNC list and don't try and sell those people just immediately back down and apologize. And. Offer to remove them from your call list. But I think that you're missing a ton of opportunity if you're not making those phone calls, because almost every one of us has requested to be on the DNC list. And how many phone calls do you get a day that are soliciting you for something? And I think if you take that warm approach and you put the client first, like you were talking about earlier, bill That really opens up an avenue to really increase your business. If not, you'll get all of these leads and find that most of them you can't call. Well, I, so I can't advocate calling numbers on do a call list. I'm not gonna say never do it. What I would say is if ever you find, like you said a hundred percent, right, the second they push back, don't argue with him. Even if you're right. Don't you don't wanna ever argue with people anyhow. And I'm saying this as good Marial advice that I struggle with myself. I'm not suggesting I've mastered this. I know the right answer. Never argue my wife. I'm not saying I do that. But it's the same with clients. Never argu with clients just doesn't make sense. And so if every that situation for sure, right away I will say that there is a theory that says that real estate agents are exempt for the doing call list in that we're not selling anything. We're just calling to see if they. Either are, need help. And I know that there are people hold by that I know there, there people get sued. And I also know that most agencies have a policy in the company that you signed agreed to. So I would just say, just be careful, make sure that you abide by all your company policies in all your appropriate office policies. But I will say for sure, even if you think you're calling someone you're allowed to. And I've had that before. I've had agents who signed up for my, a class I've called up to confirm and they'll say, I do not call list. Yeah. But you signed up for a class, you gimme a phone number. So, but I'm not gonna argue with mentally. I say that mentally, I go through those arguments. Now with my wife, I actually argue with her that's a whole nother class on how not to be a good husband, but I would just say as a salesperson, it makes no sense to argue with somebody cuz they're just not gonna listen. I will say that when I go to the probate mastery alumni group, one thing that jumps off the page to me is how many people are looking for role play partners. So question is there anybody on this call and if you wanted me to make a private, I guess you could just text me privately on the chat. Am I here find a role play partner through that, or anybody frustrated and not able to find a role play partner. I imagine some people respond to the post. Maybe they call you or text you directly or discreetly, or has anybody had success finding a partner for role play through that. And how's that working for you? Anybody can share with that? For us, no. I used to teach. I was when I was a manager for about five years with one company and then another year with another company, I actually used to host phone calling events in our office. We had a, off a bullpen with like 50 desks with phones and we'd actually, and I would actually teach kind of like a form of Mike Ferry's prospecting call. We called the phone blitz. And I did that five days a week for about four or five years. And I believe during that time, I probably coached more agents on cold calling than anybody. So I've a lot of experience in the area. Thought about often thought about maybe holding a specific class on probate, cold calling. One of the challenges is that a lot of these coaches will recommend that you get a role play partner. The problem is most role. Most people fight. You're very lucky if you find somebody. Who will consistently once a week or daily we will play with you. I had a partner for years. I role played with we did every day at the same time. I think we did 7 30, 7 45. One of the rules was the other party playing. The homeowner had to at least drop one F bomb on you because that kinda warmed us up for the hostile customers. We were gonna talk to. We were calling expireds at the. But I did that for a long time. And that particular partner we had for about a year or two really helped quite a bit. I was really very lucky to have somebody who was on the call. I will say I was much better than he was on the phone. I was much better than calling than he was. Sometimes people get hung up on, well, I want somebody who would like me calls three hours a day. Very hard to find somebody to do that for role play with you very hard within the Mike fur organization, because he teaches that so much. There are a lot more people who make those phone calls probably easier to find role play partners there. I think in probate where so many agents are trying to avoid making phone calls, it's gonna be hard to find role play partners. And I'm not saying you shouldn't ask for it. I am just saying, I appreciate the person who says yes, no, they may not be as good as you are. And yet there's your partner and you can still learn from them. Maybe they can be more consistent. And if you're not as good as the other person, there's your chance to learn. By showing up and being there on time and being a great partner. But anyhow, that was the one thing I noticed on our alumni over and over again people out and I'm going back all the way through. Last two years of comments people just consistently asking for role play groups, role play partners in a role play system. And I would say it's gonna be very difficult to find, not saying you shouldn't ask. But and there are people who throw out names, but when you, what I would say to you is, again, advice I learned, I'm not saying. I practice this, but I learned this as a husband, when I was married the rabbi who married us, said the key to marriage. Again, I'm not saying I do this, trying to be humble here, but the key to success of marriage is not finding the right partner. It's being the right partner. And I think that's true in everything in life. If you wanna find the best role play partner, then you have to be the best role play partner. So for example, if I wanna one at eight o'clock in the morning, every day at 7 55, I would. Facebook group looking for one. Hey, if you're ready to role play, call me at my number and now I'm there. I'm warmed up, ready to go and we can get started and make that phone call and be there the next day. If you need to do it every day. So again, I would say focus on being the right partner. I think you'll find the right partner or effective that way. Anybody here in the phone call role play regularly with somebody on probates. I would like to. Okay. That was Joyce Uhhuh. . Okay. Anybody else on call role play regularly with probates? I don't, but I too would like to. Okay, well there's Claire and there's Joyce. Why don't you guys connect? Just try it once. Right Claire, how do I find you? well, go in the chat box and send her your phone number. And Claire, Joyce wants to role play cry with her. And again, one of you is better. The other, I wouldn't that be the problem. One of you is flaker than the other. I wouldn't let that be a problem. Just pick a time to show up. If they're not there, you can still role play by yourself again. It's about being the right partner, not finding the right partner. Okay. Great. Well, look at that. I'm a matchmaker right. Made right on, right in front of you guys. Okay. Any of the questions, challenges, problems go over together. I don't see anything else on the website. Again, if you're a probate mastery alum, go to the probate mastery alumni group in Facebook. Great resource. I go on a daily. I see leads. I see people with questions, all that need help. And so let's see we've got a couple answers. Hold on here. It's challenging to get committed partners. Renee says yes, Renee. You're right. It's always hard to find partners. It's easier to be a partner. Joyce, put your name in there. Great. Carrie's looking for a role play partner in the central time zone. See, it's always interesting. We create no offense, Carrie, but you went when in the central side time zone, does that mean you wouldn't take a role play partner if they happen to live in Pacific, but they're willing to call an hour earlier, right? Just be careful. Just notice the wording you use. So you can put out there, you want to be whatever it's 10 o'clock central time. I would put eight Pacific, 10 central, 11 Eastern, whatever the right times are. I don't know, in central, whatever that is. Just put all four time zones there. But look for partner in those spots that you want, put your name, your phone number, and the time that you're committing to call and find somebody. And again, I appreciate Chris name and phone number, but how put a time zone a time on there that you want in your time zone or put all four time zones to make it easy to track somebody to join with with phone calling. Okay. So if I see an activity, maybe we could do a phone call session sometime I's something to think about cold calling. Okay. Any of the questions, challenges, or problems here? A few minutes left. Anybody. Was this helpful talking about prebi probates? Was it helpful talking about role playing a little bit? Yes, no. Anybody here is this on? Hello? You guys are all busy writing up new listings and no, this offer a purpose. It helped me seriously. No, I it's funny. I took three listings last week, a land listing and two mobiles. So I'm like, no. I just needed someone to be blunt with me cuz I work at home. I don't work with anybody. I have the TC, but you know, work. So yeah, I'm excited to make some calls and come back next week and say what happened. Great. I look forward to it. In the meantime, put your results. If you went in the probate alumni page as well, if you look need some help there okay. Question from the Facebook. You're welcome. I'm glad to look at questions in the Facebook groups. Somebody thank me for that and see practice real quick. There you go. Marcia puts out there. The role play partnership puts your name and she's in Los Angeles. But again, Marcia, you don't care where they are. You care what time they won the role. Put the time that you want in your time zone and you'll find somebody Terry asked she hasn't got the link, this call two weeks in a row. KA, if you can help Terry shell for the link for this call, but Terry I'll also direct you to the probate master alumni group has the link to this call as well every week. Okay. Okay. I think that's all the housekeeping and I don't see any questions. So we'll wrap this up. This is our probate mastery call. We do this every Tuesday at 12 noon Pacific time when

I'm in Los Angeles or 3:

00 PM, Eastern lucky I'm here today, Orlando, Florida. And the goal of this is to every week, give you some additional resources as you launch your business in probate real estate or probate invest. To be more successful use utilizing the coaching, that Chad's put together for us. So look forward to working with you. We do this every week. I also host a call probate on

Thursdays at 4:

00 PM.

Pacific times 7:

00 PM. Eastern I'm Bill Gross. And if I can help you feel free to reach out there. I also have the Facebook group probate experts. Love to have you on that. Oh, and it reminds me great free resource is a resource for. It's designed for executors of estates, but I happen to know the developer of the website and he's looking to fill out the Rolodex of people. And so if you're interested, you can go there and get a free listing to promote yourself as well as offer that to your clients like attorneys and accounts and such so The executor in like a place where executors would hang out, I guess, is an executor and there's a link of the chat box. Okay. Check it out. Free link, kind of a good resource guide. You might find an attorney there in your area that you might wanna work with or an accountant if they prefer you to some business they're on there for a reason. So I would reach out to them and see if they can help. Okay, guys, we're gonna wrap it up. We'll see you here next week. In the meantime, I wish you continued success. Good luck, and report back on your progress and your cold calling and make today your best day ever. Thank you everybody. Thank you so much. Thanks bill. Thank you.

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