Estate Professionals Mastermind - Probate and Senior Real Estate Podcast

White-Label Real Estate Marketing and more tips: Weekly probate mastermind

September 07, 2022 Certified Probate Experts Episode 83
Estate Professionals Mastermind - Probate and Senior Real Estate Podcast
White-Label Real Estate Marketing and more tips: Weekly probate mastermind
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0:00 Probate court visit - Tips for Real Estate Professionals (Probate Business)
9:39 When and how long should I prospect to generate leads? (New Agent Tips)
11:27 Authorify Reviews: Customizable real estate books for marketing? (Real Estate Marketing)
15:03 Real estate ebook ideas for probate marketing (Probate Marketing)
18:10 Authorify Book Reviews: Book examples and direct mail letters (Authorify Books)
27:32 How to find vendors for your probate real estate team (Probate Team)
33:01 Best marketing pieces for probate leads? (Real Estate Doorknocking)
37:01 EstateExec for probate real estate marketing (Probate Software)
41:35 Choosing your personal probate brand (Probate Branding)

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Hey welcome. This is Bill Gross and welcome to our Probate Mastery mastermind. I'm the guest host probate mastermind is a program founded by Chad Corbett who is a coach in probate real estate for real estate investors, wholesalers and real estate agents. I happen to be a full-time real estate broker in Los Angeles, California building a national probate team. As well as part-time coach, I do this call every week and I have my own call. I do a little bit of coaching the side. It's not really my business. I really am more of a practitioner and I enjoy that a lot more. But I came on this call cause I would come on weekly and answer questions and part. And when the business was changing a little bit, Chad asked me if I would be interested in hosting this call. I said, yeah, I'd love to, it's something I do already something similar and think I, I can add to it. And as a member of the mastermind rather than as a coach or selling anything, my need is that we're here together to share ideas, best practices, encourage each other. So that's why I'm here. And then I'm glad here to help answer questions or engage everybody in conversation to help work for everybody. So, is the website on there. You can find all about Chad's coaching programs, but more importantly, recordings of past episodes clips, great material. My guess is answers about aid to the questions are there in one form or another, but you should check that out. It's free at I would say Chad gives way more content for free than most companies can sell. And then once you are a alumni, there's a Probate Mastery Facebook group. With 1500 members in it, great place to post questions, get immediate answers as well as share victories and encourage each other. So I'd love to have you guys participate there. This is really designed to be interactive, and this is designed for you to learn and participate. And I coach agents every day and I tell them. And in sales, the more we give, the more we get; the more we participate, the more you win. So if you're gonna participate, put your camera on, raise your ask questions, or post in the chat box of questions, start letter 'Q' so I know it's a question and I would be glad to put you on top of the list and bring you in and ask a question, let you participate. And the nice thing is then we can record that question as well and share that for other people to participate as well. First question, cuz you had an early and asked me the question. It was a great one is from ClaireMonique who has a question. ClaireMonique has a great question about going to court, so go ahead and ask your question. So I'm finally mustering the courage to go to the probate courthouse this week. Yay! So when I get there, what am I looking for? Great. So ClaireMonique, you've been around a little while. How long have you, how long you been a real estate agent? Almost 20 years. So wow, she started when she was 12 years old. And how long have you been playing in the probate space? A few months. A few months. Yeah. I just moved to Arizona. So I think since I have no support system, I want to try something that doesn't require a support system for referrals. Got it. And so, which is interesting, I would say is mistake cuz the opposite. If you have referral system, the best probate business is from your referral system, that's a whole different discussion. So the question is what do I do when I, when I get to court? And you, you took probate mastery and you also took the EARN program, correct? I did. So for those of you listening on the call, the EARN program is a program that Chad did, an advanced level program which is Earn Attorney Referrals Now. It's designed to build a business based on referrals from attorneys, which is what I do. And she's in Arizona to answer the question of the chat box and yes, the answer's. Yes. In fact of the EARN program, one of the segments I actually recorded on going to court, I did a whole segment about an hour, I think, on how I built my business, going to court. And so the thing I would emphasize is I did what worked for me. You need to do what will work for you, so I can share with you what I did and I'll give you some basic fundamentals. First thing is on the Probate Mastery program. Chad, Chad challenged us to go to court just to learn the process. So I would all urge all of you to block out a day and go to probate court. You can usually check online to see the hours so that you don't waste your time. Not all counties have court every day. I'm in LA county. We have nine courts every day, so it's a little different. So I just showed up like an idiot and found out what was going on. So I was think I wanna just show up and to the extent they let you in the courthouse, most counties do some don't. If they allow you in, go in, look around you're on a fact finding mission first. You're on a Intel mission first, and you wanna answer the questions who's there. What are they doing? And what's available as far as resources? So when I went the first week, I decided I went one day and I said, well, this is really interesting. I'm gonna stay here for a week and learn more. And so I just went and paid attention and took detailed notes and it was fascinating. One thing was, they're talking about real estate and I learned what type of hearing was about real estate in LA county or in California. If there was a hearing to confirm a sale, then that involved real estate for sure. And if the hearing was to approve the petitioner to be executor or administrator, most likely there's real estate involved. So, I quickly learned what hearings I was looking for. By walking through the courthouse, they had calendars on the wall. I learned how to read the calendar and see when the kind of things I wanted were available. I also learned when they start, while they start at eight 30, some people get there early, you know, LA is the biggest probate court in America. It's also downtown LA, and we have some of the worst traffic in America. And so when people come from out of the area, let's say they might drive an hour and a half or two hours. There are people get there a half hour early. That's what I found was people get there 7:45 A.M. Or eight o'clock. The court opened at eight. I said, well, I should be there ready to go at eight. Then there was no line to get in and I could get in, get a cup of coffee. And I could now with people from 8:05 until 8:30. In fact, the courts usually didn't open the doors and the rooms and the individual hearings until 8:45, actually. So, it gave me about 45 minutes just to network. I'm a real estate agent. Some of us walk around door to door and meet people. I was just doing it at court. I was dressed in a suit and tie. It was a safe place. They had free wifi. There were sheriffs there. It was air conditioned. I had a cup of Starbucks coffee. It's like the greatest prospecting opportunity in the history of the world for me. And so we just network with people. "So initially I walk up, Hey, I'm Bill Gross, a estate broker. What brings you here today?" And they tell me, "oh, I'm a family. I'm, you know, we're applying for, you know, petition to be approved as a administrator executor by the court." Or, "I'm an attorney." And so I just network with people to meet them. My goal was to meet enough people to get one and a half contacts. I work my numbers out. And so if I get, you know, every week I average seven and a half, which would be you know, times four would be 30 contacts a month that would meet my goals. And so my goal is get one half every day. And I did that name, address, phone number, email of somebody I met in person who gave me permission to talk with them. So I did that. I sat in court and watched and learned the procedures. And after doing that for a week, I realized why I should do this every day. I can prospect and learn at the same time. That was a great victory for me. So I would go, I would listen for people who needed a real estate agent, either they had real estate to sell and there was a problem, or there was real estate to buy and there was an opportunity. And I just took copious notes. I also took notes on what I saw were mistakes listing agents made, and then I would write the corresponding solution. So for example, when you sell property in court, you're supposed to go in the hallway and make it convenient for people to bid, cuz you want people to overbid on the property. And I found that most Realtors were just nasty to the other bidders and Realtors because they're double ending the deal. And so I made a note you know, mistake: not soliciting other bidders to come in, making them feel comfortable and confident. When the sale was postponed for month, not being there because bidders would show up, but they didn't know it was postponed. But you want that bid to come back next month. And so you should meet them and encourage them and such. So I made a list of all the mistakes I saw. They're obvious! And the solutions and created from that my list of 49 mistakes listing agents make when listing property and probate. And then the 49 point plan. I have to avoid those mistakes. And then I, I share that with, with attorneys and families who are looking into to list probate property and sell it. I don't share that. That's that's I went in person did that hard work that's and I'm not selling any coaching here, so I don't feel obligated. But I will say that it was no more than me just going there and paying attention. I mean, it wasn't magic. And I would say anybody can go and notice on their own where your opportunity is to add value. That's what we do as salespeople. So I would say, just go and pay attention, take notes, get the lay of the land, shoot video going in. What you learned at the end of the day, I think has great content for you.. Can't shoot video typically inside a courthouse, but you can on the steps. So I, anytime I go, now I shoot a video outside and, you know, talk about what I'm gonna do or what I did or both. So it's great content. And then it also forces me to crystallize what I learned. And I share that with my database of people. Does that help a little bit, ClaireMonique? Yes, it does. Thank you very much. A little longer, a little. You didn't wanna know that much about it. Did you? Sorry! Excellent. I've taken some notes. Okay, good. Okay. There's Katt and she's presenting the, as the expert episode on EstateExec. Great. That's some good material. So feel free to check out the chat box. If you're on the zoom. Who else has a question I can help with today? Anybody at all? Khalid says "Going tomorrow!". Good, Khalid! Let us know if you go Khalid or ClaireMonique, please report back your results. Come back here and share with us. That's what this is designed for. This is not meant to be me telling the world and enjoying the ego trip. This is me, the practitioner. I wanna learn the ins and outs in other counties as well. So please. Good. Thank you. Khalid, I appreciate that. All right. Somebody else had a question and jumped in. I did, I have a question. Great. Last week you mentioned that you do three hours of prospecting each day. Is that correct? Did I say that last week? It sounds like something I would say. But I thought you said it. I did, I probably did! I do prospect three hours a day. Basically, what I would say to be more clear is until noon, my job is to get new business as business development. So in the morning, sometimes they're calling me, sometimes I'm calling them, and sometimes I have an hour that's not, and I'll, I'll let slide cause I need a minimum of three hours, but I really do four hours a day. My eight to 12 time is my business development time every day, eight to 12. Okay. Thank you. Are' you a real estate agent or investor? What do you do? I'm a real estate agent, but I do the probate for the real estate agent that I work for. So I'm just learning the whole process and getting my foot in that and getting more familiarized with everything. How exciting! Where do you sell real estate? Michigan. Michigan, very nice. Do you mind sharing what company you're with or what team you're with? I'm with the Larry Martin team out of Grandville. Okay. So I have a very good friend who's a coach at GloverU are you familiar with them at all? Yep. Kate Simon, a good friend of mine when she started in the business. Okay. I think universal for real estate agents is if you're new, four hours a day. If you're not new and you're building a business, about three hours a day of business development. That should be our primary focus, is building new business all the time. That's really, that's the job that pays the most. Right! You know, at a law firm, the attorney who makes it rain is the senior partner. All he does is bring in business and hand off to the other attorneys. In real estate, we make a lot of money when we bring in business. We don't make a lot handling the paperwork and the process. Right. Okay. Thank you! Thank you so much. Nice to meet you. Nice meeting you. Okay. So Khalid is eXp in Essex county NJ checking in. Very nice. I think that we should wish Khalid good luck can come back next week. Okay. Lemme go back a little bit. Matthew asks about Authorify Books. Hey Matthew, where do you are you a real estate agent investor? What do you do? I'm a real estate broker. And where are you? Where do you sell? Do business? Middlesex, Monmouth, and Ocean county, New Jersey. Got it. So, tell me about Authorify books. Is that a vendor that does like a customizable real estate book that makes it look like you're the author? Yeah. Hold on one second. They will print the book and you can, I dunno if you can see that probably cause of my background, you probably can't see it, but what they do is they have books for divorcees, probate leads, etc... And you put your name on it and you can change up anything, any material in there so that you can kind of personalize it to your area. And, and if you wanted to add like your 49 points, you could actually add another chapter to it. I was just curious, I was trying to figure out how to work that into the marketing, with everything else that that you're doing. I mean, they have their own tools that you can use, but I'm trying to incorporate both. So I love the concept a lot. One of my team members uses it. So, just to, to recap for everybody, Authorify books is a vendor that basically allows you to private label a book as the author. You can customize it and they have both an ebook format as well as you can buy printed books. And you know, I do my marketing every quarter. I have a budget of what I'm gonna do, and I've had that on my list of things to do. I've looked at it very carefully in the last few quarters. I didn't do it because I have a limited budget and limited time. You can only do so much. I love the concept. My business is more about building a national network and so I have a team member on my team in Athens, Georgia, just outside of Atlanta, who is an Authorify book user. And I actually called him because I saw him advertising that and I thought, Hey, that's really interesting, tell me about it. So the way he uses it in marketing, I think that if you wanna build business with attorneys if you're an established realtor, Matthew, how long you been doing real estate? Since I'm 18, I just turned 61. Yeah. You sound like he has some miles on you too. So yeah, I actually, I just came from the office. I had, I had two closings last week, Thursday and Friday. Nice. So, so, so I would say to you, the first thing I would do is do a deep dive on your current list of clients for probate attorneys and then non probate attorneys that can refer you to probate attorneys and contact them first. And now I don't know what life is like in New Jersey. In LA where I'm at, you cannot invite somebody out to lunch without them thinking you're a loon unless it's a close personal friend. They're just gonna assume you're irresponsible. No judgment. Just saying, that's what it is. I don't want somebody to think that of me. Whereas I used to invite people lunch, you know, five days a week. And I went to lunch three days a week. I don't do it anymore. Just it's just too complicated politically or emotionally. But, what my friend in Athens does is he invites attorneys out to lunch. At my direction, he made a list of those that he knew they were probate. He called the customers. He called them to get the attorneys, the deals he had done. He went back and got the attorneys. And the non-probate attorneys, he made that list and attorneys by their nature, almost all will go to lunch with anybody who asks them nicely. And so he goes to lunch and he gives him as a gift, the book, and he tells me if you have any clients, I'm glad to give it to him. My role in our relationship is to help answer the basic questions. I'm not gonna give legal advice, but I can handle the fundamentals and take that task off of your hands and make it easier for you. And then the non-probate attorneys, you can manage a referral for them and they get referral fees if they refer cases back and forth in California. I can't speak to New Jersey. So he uses the Authorify book as an authority tool with the attorneys. Then, he uses the ebook version of it as a lead generation tool for petitioners. So, he'll share to social a link to the ebook. And then, I think he's doing some Facebook ads also to generate leads on his own, but obviously he starts off as an authority rather than just another real estate agent trying to get business. I think it's a great concept. It's not cheap. It's not really expensive. It's not you mind sharing how much it costs you per book. It'll vary by how many they always run sales and stuff. Right. And if you, if you join their service, they give you both. You have to buy credits. So it depends on how many credits you buy. But if you join, I think it's like 800 bucks for the year and they give you 30 credits, which is basically 30 books. What I've been doing is I joined a couple of estate sales website. And it's a little bit of leg work. Years ago, I used to sell insurance, too. And I used to be down to courthouse like you do, but I would be getting the people that just closed on the houses. I'd go through all the records to see who just closed and contact them for insurance. Basically, it's similar to what you're doing with the probate leads. So I'm not unfamiliar with the courthouse and I'll probably start doing that too. Now that COVID's over and they're starting to loosen up a little bit . But yeah, it depends on how many books you buy. The Authorify cost is roughly around between $7 and $10 a book, depending on how many you buy. And they recommend that what you do is send out what they call an authority package, like your credibility package, you put together a whole package. And what they're suggesting is that you mail this book to, let's say a probate lead. You find out like if I go to the estate sale website and I see there's an estate sale now immediately, if they... a lot of them got tricky now. They're not really listing the addresses right away. They wait until the day of the estate sale, but they list the address ahead of time. I'll go through the MLS to see if it's already listed. So I'm not wasting my time. I go back and then you can check the tax records, find out who actually owned it. But it becomes expensive to try and mail those out. Correct. Just cold call like that. So that's why I was trying to figure out that the most cost effective way to do it. I would only do it to attorneys, so they can refer you business. Right. Or if I went a listing appointment with a family, I'd give them a copy of the book on spot. That too. Yeah, for sure. Referral sources. I know people who work adult care facilities and related industries, home, healthcare professional for referrals. That's another place you might go to with custom probate books. Clergy members. In fact, my team member in Athens is a former clergy member. So I wouldn't give out the book cold. I would only give it to referral or somebody I know. Then, the link to the ebook version, I would give that to everybody. Right. I have the I'm gonna copy the link to my ebook and put it in the chat so that people can get an idea of what it looks like. If they wanna go to it, they can take a look at it. And you can do that. There's also a landing page, how you collect the leads. I'll pop that in there too. So that they get an idea of how it works, but that's what I do. I do the ebook. And Facebook is a great place to do this. I have a Facebook page set up for real estate. Yeah, that's how I would do it with that. Karen says she uses Authorify and loves it. Absolutely. I love it. I've been doing it now for two years and actually, I was a little slow getting started. They have excellent training tools on their site and they have letters that they've already pre- done that you send out as an introduction letter. They've done great research on all of this. My customized probate book is I don't know if you can see it. It's actually part of my picture, but it's it's called guide to selling your inherited house. Right. You can do it with your picture on there with your picture off of it, but it's they have actual videos that show you the training that you can use to get more business. Nice. And Karen, you're a real estate agent? I remember we spoke before you're in Arkansas. I'm in Arkansas and you're a real estate agent? I'm a real estate agent. I'm an executive broker of Broker Skilled Real Estate. Nice. And I wanted to do it because I'm new to Arkansas from California. I got licensed in 2004 and I've been a broker in California. I've been here for one year, so I picked up this tool to help me in Arkansas. So I'm just now starting to meet with the attorneys and get going that way. Nice. Sure. Thanks for sharing. You're very welcome. Thanks for sharing that. That's some good material right there, huh? Yeah, absolutely. Cool. Matthew, thanks so much. Thank you. Okay, there you go. That's what this is about by the way, folks. I don't know about you guys. I made a list. I'm going to check out Authorify again. I looked at it. I'm going to look at the pricing again. I actually have a YouTube channel, so maybe I'll interview them for my YouTube channel. But I'm here to get information as well and share with you guys and facilitate. So, I'm glad to have you guys on board. Let's see. Somebody asked ClaireMonique is in Pinal county, Arizona. And oh, it looks like Kathy is also eXp in Tucson, Arizona. Welcome Kathy. And she says, I use a book as a freebie at social media to gain names and numbers. Yeah. And you don't have to give away the printed book. You can use the ebook version of it. Kathy says, Kathy, do you, you wanna jump in real quick and share your experience as well with Karen and I'm gonna have Kathy maybe my experience, I'm a real estate broker in Texas, California. Just an agent in Arizona. I recently moved from San Diego to Tucson. So I just finished up getting my certification as the probate expert. And so this weekend I put together my website, two digital books, and just getting going right now. Nice. And so you're using it as like a lead generation tool, the ebook version of it, not the printed version. Right, right. I did a flip book, so I, I put my link in there. People can check it out, but I just built my website and then I have a tab saying, learn more and you click on that. There are two books. And then to get that, they just put in their name, their phone number, their email, and then it's immediate and it's right there for them. Fantastic. Well, thanks for sharing that. In fact, on the call also is my team member from a colleague from Athens, Georgia, who mentioned has the, I think it's the same vendor. Is Authorify what you use, Paul? It is, it is. I've been with them for about, I'm thinking about a year and a half to two years. One of the things that I do too with the book and, and this is mine, I don't know how, where you can see it there. Perfect. There are some attorneys that I'm meeting with and have met with and some of them are actually putting the books in their office. When clients come in, they have access to it. And I'm taking their marketing material as well. And therefore, I can promote them to my people, some of the clients that I have. But I've also gone to financial planners and estate planners. Good resource there. They don't have a whole lot of Realtors that they work with. I find they have some in general, but nobody that's really working that estate planning and probate niche. It hasn't proved to be real productive yet, but I've got one in the works that looks like I'm gonna have a listing in the next six weeks or so with that. Of course it's very low cost from that standpoint, it's going to lunch one time and you probably know some financial planners and some estate planners. Just search through your phone log. And, that's what I did. I just called them up and ask. I've asked who they would recommend as an attorney. So it gives me that link as well. And most of 'em don't have an attorney that they use even. You know, they'll use an attorney for closings, but they don't have anybody specifically for probate. So being able to recommend an attorney to them for probate is also very helpful. And it just continues to build the relationship. And you think they would have that because the attorneys could refer them business back. It's really interesting how yeah. You think, yeah. Some people just are just not or into sales and really need help in that area. So, absolutely fantastic. Great, Paul, nice to see you, Paul, by the way. Good to see you, too. And thanks for sharing about the book. Sure. Okay. And then Saul asked, does the book get formatted for the particular state you're ordering in? Like there's different vendors and Authorify is one. The book does not, it's really more principles that apply, but you can personalize it in way you want. So if you want to talk about just your state than make it about your state, if you think that's important or your community or your neighborhood or your county. Whatever's gonna work for you can personalize it. But, their standard book is national. They don't have one for each state set up. Right. But I'm sure they're familiar with some of the basic differences. And then so what, what state are you in that that would be an issue for you? I'm in Washington state. Olympia to be exact, the capital. How familiar are you with the state laws of probate in Washington, as it relate to other states? I have no idea of other states at all. I haven't even looked into other states. I mean, when you hear things, when people talk from other states like me from California, does this sound similar or sound different? Certain things sound similar. However, the courthouse here in Olympia is. By no means as big as the way you make it sound. There aren't a lot of lawyers just hanging out in the hallway having coffee. Not a lot of people. I think they only hold their probate courts on Fridays. So that's the day to go. Yeah, well, I, again, LA is the largest county probate in the country and they put all the, they used to have nine different or seven different region courts. You put it all in one spot. So it is a little different, it is a target-rich environment, but it also gets more competitive. I find the smaller ones though. They're a little more cordial. Like I talk to mostly agents on my team in other counties and they'll say they actually talk to the judge in the courtroom. I would never do that. Let me back up in the hearing. There are times it's appropriate to address the judge, but they'll be sitting in the room. And in between hearings, a judge will just say, oh, Hey, are you waiting for something? Can I help you with something? That doesn't really happen in Los Angeles? A little more lawyerly. So, I would say if it's smaller, there's gonna be less competition for one; and two, you have a chance to go deeper in your relationship. Again, the goal is not to copy what I did in LA in Olympia. I think it's for you to recon and develop intelligence as to what will work for you in Olympia. Does that make sense? Yes. And I'm not selling a hammer and telling you, you need to use a hammer. I'm saying, I used a hammer, get the right tool for your job. But I think that if you think about it, there's business going on there and if you get your share of it, you're gonna build a great business. That's my goal. Oh, you are 100% correct. They actually do call you out. Like maybe you missed your case if you're sitting there. Yeah. I'll say, Hey, did we miss you? yeah. And LA says, get the hell outta here. it's a little different vibe, so good for you. Well, thanks all. Thanks for checking in. Thanks. Okay. Other questions? Let me just point out that tomorrow. If you're interested shameless plug, but I ran this by camp before we did. I am. This is not affiliated with, with Chad anyway, other than I respect him. And I appreciate work with him, but I have my own program tomorrow. If you're interested, I'm launching a program called. I'll get probate cash. And tomorrow morning at 8:00 AM Pacific time,


00 AM Eastern time. I'm gonna do an intro call. I was gonna overview that, and I'm gonna, I'm looking for 10 people who want to be in a small group coaching mastermind that I charge for. I'll talk about the details tomorrow. But if you're interested, it's, morning, you can hit that and register it's free tomorrow, if you want an overview of it. And I'm gonna overview the ways that I use advanced inheritance as a tool to build my business with petitioners, with investors and with attorneys and the goal will be to be able to learn how to bring that into your business. I'm give you a 30 minute overview tomorrow that if you're interested and wanna continue in a coaching class, you have up the opportunity to participate. It's free. The first overview call. Okay. Christopher asked, does LA public court allow public to log into hearings if you're not associated with the case? Yes, LA has. What's called court connect LA court connect go online and you can register and you can really go into any case. You have the case number on, which isn't hard to get. And they do ask you what party you're there with. And the petitioner, maybe objectors, or other parties. Doesn't really matter. And they ask you what you are, you put other, and you're able to come in and they'll when you log in. And that morning, they'll say, what are you here for? And you can just say, I'm here to observe, but you are allowed to come in, in and, and watch as well. Okay. Larry Smith has his hand up. Let's get Larry. If we can get you get your video done. That'd be great. Hey, Hey. Hey, what's going on? What's on Larry. How you doing, man? Hey, good. Hey I got a couple of questions if I can. One would be... can you kind of talk about who's in your probate team: the positions, people, how you acquired them, just kind of do an overview of your team? So what you're talking about is my team, as far as vendors and the resources I bring to a family or attorney. So the first thing I would say before I answer that question, the first answer is I am the team. I am the hub and everything else is the spoke. I'm the solution. I'm gonna get it done. I'm responsible to my client to get it done. And I think the biggest hangup people have when they take Chad's coaching and I've heard him answer, this is they'll say, well, I don't have a whole list of all these people. I don't have a roofer. I don't have a painter. And I heard him one day say, think of something that's kind of obscure, like a marble flooring refinish, Do you have one of those? No. Okay. If I paid you a million dollars to have a great marble flooring finisher at your customer's house two hours from here tomorrow morning at 8 A.M., could you do it? They paid you a million dollars. What's the answer? Yes. Yeah. So the answer is we can get the whole team. It's just, how committed are you? And I would just say, just be committed, like just own it. There's a great book by a former Navy seal, Jocko Willink.

Extreme Ownership:

How U.S. Navy Seals LEAD and WIN. I have it, my other room. Just own it - you're responsible. And so I tell people is either I got a guy or gal, or I'll find a guy or gal to get it done. And I will do whatever I have to do to get it done. Now I'm part of a national real estate company network. I'm part of this network. I have my own network. I got a lot of people that can reach out to if I need help. And I do, I'm having time for particular solutions. So, who is on my list? They come and go. To be honest, vendors perform and then stop performing. They're just like people. Nobody's irreplaceable. And there's a lot of geography. You know, if you go north, south or west, customers are gonna be serviced. In my case, in the north of the valley, that vendor's not gonna go down to orange county or vice versa. So you have to have a number of people in different areas. And that's why I am part of the company I'm with, because they gimme access to so many other agents in the area. That's why I do this call. I have access to so many agents in this area. I take down your name and contact info so I can reach out to you and have questions or referrals in different counties or different states. So the first answer the question is I'm the team leader, I'm the head, I'm the straw that stirs the drink, so to speak. And then, everybody else kind of fits into that. I'm not saying that'd be arrogant. I'm just saying I take that responsibility. Sure. Does that help a bit? And then there's another site you might check out is ... I know the site, you talked about Executorium. So Executorium is a great website where people who are focused in the probate space, trust space, senior living space, it's free to list yourself. It's free for you to put in your vendors and you can get accountants and ask if people wanna participate. People wanna access executors. And so for me, what a great prospecting tool to call any prospective vendor, Hey, I know youre roofing company, or you're a rehab company, or you're a cleanup company. Would you like a free listing to market to executives of estates and they would link on there. And then now you have conversation with 'em as part of your COI. Lisa, thank you for that. Yes. Extreme ownership. How a us Navy seals lead and win by Jocko Willink. Amazing book, amazing person. That's the book I'm referring to. I would just say if you own that responsibility... I have a never ending growing team and firing people, but because the team at the end of the day is mine and they don't perform, then they're off and I need to get somebody. Okay. And less times people ask me for referrals and I used it as somebody. This is the thing that drives me crazy about referrals. Someone will ask in a chat box or a Facebook group, and there'd be a bunch of names. I'm thinking it's hard to have. It's hard to have people you refer for the confident to, if your standards are high. I have a lot of vendors I've used for different services. I would never refer them. They didn't do that good of a job. And frankly, the job got done, because I rode herd on them. Because when I refer them to my client, I'm responsible. I'm responsible for the solution now. So if I'm not happy with the service they gave, I won't use 'em again. And people call me, do you have a so-and-so company? I've used a couple, but I'm not gonna give 'em to anybody cuz I just don't think they're worth referring to. And that's really important that what somebody reflects my values. Okay. Makes sense. Thank you, bill. My pleasure. Thank you so much. Okay. So I got on a tangent answering that question. Christopher asked what are the advantages of an advanced inheritance vs. Purchasing an heir's interest. So I think they're somewhat the same, Christopher and there is a legal distinction and that legal distinction may not be available in other states, Southern California. But what Chris was saying is you can advance an heir a portion of their inheritance. Or you can buy all their inheritance. And I would say they're basically in California, somewhat the same. It's just how much money you're buying and, and what their motivation is. Sometimes the heir says, I don't care. I'll take $20,000 to walk from the house. And there are people who buy their interest in this estate. And there are others that say well I want $20,000, but that's worth half a million. I went the rest. So I don't think there's practically a difference. And I'll talk a little bit about that tomorrow on our call. Regina Wayne asks about marketing pieces. So, Regina, tell me about, we, you're asking what marking pieces do you have success with? Have you done any marking pieces to date? Are you looking to get started with it or do you, how soon are you looking to change it up? Well, I actually have used a marketing piece that I was successful in doing a probate listing that was in foreclosure actually. Nice. And but you know, I was just wondering if you had any pieces that were favorites on your list. Sure. Any mailers or something like that. Sure. Listen, about the piece that you did, what did you do? What was it you have that worked? Well, I belonged to a coaching group that they focus on distressed properties. And it's a marketing piece that was generated by the owner of this group. And it's basically, you go out and you tag a property with this marketing piece and it compels the property owner to, to contact you for an appointment. And so that's how I got that, that listed by using that system. How many did you mail out? No, it's not, it's not mailout you actually have to physically go and put the marketing pieces at the properties. Oh yeah. So what does that cost you and what was your response? How you put out? Well, you know, it's been kind of hit and miss. Here's the thing I'll suggest: in marketing, our goal for all of this is to create a system that will do the work for us, right? Yes. So if, when you say you put it out, you're not meeting the customer, you're just dropping off at the door. Right. Just yes. Just leaving the marketing piece at the door. Yeah. So you can pay people 10 bucks an hour to do that part of it, right? Yeah. So what's the marketing piece itself? What is it that you're dropping off? Well, it's just a piece because obviously it addresses

what their situation is:

the property's in foreclosure, I'm here to help you and give you solutions. Is it a flyer or a letter or what is it physically? It looks like a actual UPS label. Okay. That's what it looks like, like a driver left the marketing piece. Oh, got it. Okay. Yeah. So, so, so a piece like that might cost a buck or two to print and you pay somebody 10 bucks an hour drop 'em off. And I would just put out a couple hundred and see what kind of response I can get from if that's your goal. Yeah. Yeah. I'm gonna get back to it. But I was just wondering if you were mailing anything yourself that you personally liked or had success with. Sure. So if anybody has experienced mailing out pieces, jump in here and answer, I didn't have success with mailing. I did not get a two or 3% response rate. I got below 1%. It didn't make sense economically. And I found you to do too much mailing for it to make sense considering, especially since the average probate property sold is about two years in Los Angeles. Yeah. Means there are a lot that are old, that sell and there's some that sell right away, obviously. And how do you tell the difference when you're mailing? Right. So for me that did make sense. I did put it in the chat box my trifold, which I use in person when I meet with people. I would just keep them in my breast pocket in my coat. And when I met with attorneys at court or met with families and I would describe my team that Larry and I talked about, and services, the tri-fold kind of explains it. So if you click on that, you'll see what that looks like. And you know, I printed up a couple hundred. I still have a couple hundred left. I've handed out probably 50 or a hundred of them in person. I don't leave them anywhere. I just, individually, when I talk to somebody, I'm relying on me selling, not the piece, the piece is just ment. Now that said, has anybody on the call here who wanna raise your hand or put the chat box then mailers that had success with it you wanna share? My experience in asking the question is the people have success with it are in more rural or semi rural or suburban markets. And the Metro markets get so much mail that it's just, it's so competitive that people disregard it. Yeah. So I'm not aware of any. I love the idea of door knocking and dropping off pieces individually. I think that's a great concept. But again, you gotta test it and have your own budget and make sure you count the numbers and whatever you do, you spend money on, you want to calculate your return on investment. Okay. Okay. Thank you. Sure, thank you so much. Okay. We've got a few minutes left here. You must have any questions. Comments, concerns. I do. Who is this? This is Karen again. Do you mind if I put EstateExec in the chat, is another one. No, please do! Tell me about it. Do you use it and what, what is it about? Yeah, you know, it's a very informative site. It talks about probate timelines, general statistics, resolving debt, paying taxes. So, it just has good information on it about probate. T his is why I do the call! Because this is stuff I wanna learn. And, and I may note myself to follow up on this later, EstateExec guy. Interesting. I'll look into it. Bill, EstateExec is the software in the EARN course. Oh, that one! It looked familiar! I'm like, what the heck is this? It looks familiar, who this? So in the EARN course that Chad has - Probate Mastery, there's an advanced program called EARN, or earn attorney referrals now. And there, they talk about EstateExec as a software package to assist families in the process. And so this has some great content. I didn't recognize it because I was looking at it as a tool. So you can get a discount if you take the EARN program, and there's a link provided when you graduate in the program and then cat Katt some other info about it. Let's see. Chad recorded on Friday with Dan Stickell, the CEO of EstateExec.

Now some background on Dan:

he's a Harvard educated graduate, but he created this software after going through probate himself. He realized what a headache probate is and how much there is to do so this whole program is really designed for consumers, right? It's meant for families that are going through probate to find and uses a tool. So it's, if you look at it, it's full of tons of resources that people you want to work with would find valuable. And part of what it'll probably take me. Two or three days to get edited. Cause I gotta do today's episode and then I'll start working on that interview. But Dan really breaks down the benefit of the software for consumers, how you as a real estate professional can use this software to bridge a huge gap between attorneys and personal representatives, making sure all the documents are in order that things are done on time. And Pete Marck said, he's already provided a state exec for the first time to one of his clients and they love it. I've had several other people that I do some coaching with on their marketing. They're using it with clients, they're presenting it to attorneys and it's really well received all the way around. And I really think that's the case because Dan created this to solve a problem he actually experienced. So this is a software, it's a company, but it was created from true experience. that every personal representative that you speak with, there's some overlap there, right? There's some pain points that are shared. So everyone should look at EstateExec. If you are an earned student, you can get a discount to offer anyone you work with $89 pricing instead of $199. Wow. That's a hundred dollars in savings. Wow. Through the link in the EARN course portal, that's something exclusive that Dan and Chad have and what they're working together to put through some other big projects we haven't announced yet. So I think that's all worth knowing. Nice. Well, bill, I think I should get a start today. I think you should! Five stars! Yeah. I think you set up yeah. So yeah, so the look, there's some great content there. The, the prior question on executorium,, that's just purely a listing service. And then he offers, offers opportunity to advertise there as well. That's his long term game plan. This is more of a software package that you might offer to your clients or offer to attorneys for their clients to make the process simpler, to work together, which, and I noticed in the about that it's related to a, a guy, Dan Stickell. Dan is involved with marketing to attorneys as well, done a really good job on that area as well. So. Fantastic. Thank you, Katt. Thanks for the explanation. Sorry, I'm not up to date on the estate exec software. It's okay. You've had a lot going on. You're producing a lot of content and consuming a lot of content. thanks. And I did get the EARN course done and I did my EARN review. So, I'm off of Chad's bad list, at least for that. So thank you. Hey, well, the important thing to remember is when it's time to sign up a client for EstateExec, get that $99 pricing instead of $199. Or, I'm sorry, it's $89. I think it's fantastic. I need to double check myself, but it's at least half off. Yeah. I love that. Okay, cool. Continue. I'll continue to look at that. Okay. Jim has had his hand up patiently. Jim, if you wanna unmute yourself, can you hear me? Yes. How are you doing, Bill? I'd like to do some type of leave behind when I go to meet with people, whether it be the admin or the probate attorney, or even these other people. So I'd like to have some kind of marketing piece. Now I am not a realtor, I'm a private investor. I have been working with all the leads and they have been working on a brochure for investors. And also this is a little unusual, cause I haven't marketed myself as an individual before. I've always marketed myself as a company. I've been an investor for 20 years. So I'm trying to figure out if I want to use taglines, like certified probate expert, which is ultimately what I will be here, but you know, how does an attorney take something like that as a tagline on something? I mean, they probably figure they're the experts. So maybe I run something that's a little softer, something like your local estate and probate concierge or something like that. I'm looking for taglines for my personal business itself. Great question. I think really your question is a question of branding. How do I brand myself? Okay. So the first question is, think about your perfect client now. I'm, I'm gonna summarize my, my I'm at XP Realty. My sponsored XP was Don Hobbs. He created Hobbs, herder advertising, like the first coaching company for real estate agents, teaching realtors to brand themselves rather than their company. So when I started the business, you used to market under century 21. Under whatever company you're with. And then, you know, Rema came along and paid a higher commission split and a, just took some of the extra and created their own brand, their own phone numbers, their own emails, their own websites and such. That was a new thing. So he does a class called The Brand is YOU. You can see it on YouTube, Don Hobbs, the brand is you is fantastic. So, it's an hour long, but the short version is you gotta clarify who you're trying to move. And the more, the more focused you are - it's counterintuitive. We think if I have a wide net, I'll capture everybody. But if you have a wide net, you get confused with everybody. If you have a very narrow focus, then your, your client's gonna recognize you're talking to them. So for me, my narrow focus was I wanted LA county, because that's where I live and do listings, even being a national team, I have to drive the team, starting with my business LA county. I went on attorneys. And you're right. Attorneys might bristle at the LA Probate Expert.. I call myself the LA probate expert. is my website. But a lot of attorneys are great attorneys. They're just not probate experts and 90% of probates are done by non-probate expert attorneys. So that was my branding decision for me. You have to think about, and that's for everybody to call who is your ideal client and get as specific as you can. Mine was an attorney filing a case in Ella county, those probate that needs court confirmation. That's a very narrow population of attorneys. And I wanted to brand to that group. That doesn't mean I don't get other business. Most of my business is not probate. Interestingly enough, people see me as an expert, refer me some other business or a probate attorney has a deal that the probate step now needs to be sold, but there's some other. So I think the question is really who's your client, who's your ideal client SP if you hit him with a bullseye, not the, not the whole bullseye target, but the, the the middle who's that. And then you're a brand yourself for that piece, and that will help lead you to the right answers for us taglines. Fascinating. And it's worth time too. And here's the other thing I would say about that. We all tell ourselves we think about it. What oftentimes what think about it means is we think about it and we put in our head, I need to make a decision. And then we think about everything else the next week. We never really think about it. I would say to you spend an hour blocking your time, turn off your phone. I use a, a whiteboard behind me. I have a whiteboard when I think out things and I just sit with an hour, no phone calls. With the multiple colors. I just write out my ideas and literally think about it. And so I, when I came up with Probate, I kind of drew a diagram of what I saw as the transaction, what I saw as my opportunity and came to that conclusion. But I would urge you to watch that video. And then also literally spend some time really thinking about it in detail just by yourself, phone off pad, either pad of paper or whiteboard or whatever works for you and be creative with it and really think it through. Okay. I appreciate your time. Thank you. My best advice. Thanks Jim. Good luck. Come back, let us know how it works out. Share with us how, what you come up with and how it works. Okay. Lot of gems today. Thank you. Pete gets gold stars. Thank you. Do I get a gold star, Katt when, what do I do to get a gold star? I've been doing this for a while now. I don't think you have room for any more gold stars, Bill. They're coming out of your ears. Thank you. Thanks so much, Katt you're the best. Yes, Kathy, the same Don Hobbs, who was with maps and he ran like a whole coaching company with Gary Keller and then they had come fun of the ways. Now Don's has a huge group. I'm part of eXp. So yes, Marketing by Seth Godin, great stuff. I'm a Gary V vend myself, but good stuff for sure. Seth Godin is fantastic. " Think about it" is code for "until you forget about it." Yeah, Larry's right. And, and I'd say really spend some time really think about it. And that will help you get an answer on your marketing. Okay. We ran outta time today. It is the witching hour. Thank you to everybody who's been on the call. I really appreciate your support participating again. I'm just a participant here. I'm gonna put in my, in the chat box, two things. One is I'm promoting in tomorrow morning.

8:00 AM Pacific 11:

00 AM Eastern time.,. A bunch you've already signed up. Thank you. My contact info. If I can help feel free to reach out text, email, or call me anybody here in this call. Also I'm on the probate mastery alumni Facebook groups. So feel free to jump there. I have my own Facebook group, and Facebook join there as well. And I really want this to be a tight group. I really want people who are gonna work on it together. I really want to be a mastermind that we work on as a group, so. Okay guys, thank you. Excellent call today! Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you everybody. Thank you, Katt ,for being there, have a great week and my contact info's in the chat box. Bill Gross. I'm at Bill Gross eXp on social media. Have a great week. Everybody. Thanks so much.

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