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The Intersection of Spirituality, Psychology and Theology

The Family Afterward Resource Center

With the Intersection we strive to bring together the three disciplines of spirituality, psychology and theology in an applicable fashion, as it relates to addiction, codependency, trauma, grief, loss, abuse and domestic violence. Our goal is to share our experience, strength and hope in Christ in a way that can frame up your journeys and studies along the path of recovery. We all can benefit from the 12 Steps through the whole of our lives. It is a common misconception that only those trapped in addiction can benefit, but the biblical principals that drive each of the steps can be applied to so much more. We all have something we need to recover from, we all need the Lord's help and His touch upon our lives. Join us in our journey from addiction to recovery; from loneliness to comfort in solitude; selfishness to selflessness; from chaos to peace; ultimately from death to life.