The Body and Food Freedom Podcast

Episode 45: Real Talk about Food and Body Freedom with Uniyme Oguta

June 28, 2022 Vanessa Episode 45
The Body and Food Freedom Podcast
Episode 45: Real Talk about Food and Body Freedom with Uniyme Oguta
Show Notes

 My guest for today is Unyime Oguta, a Life and Nutrition Coach for Mums. She is passionate about equipping mothers with the mindset, strategy, and skills to help them stop surviving and start thriving in the beautiful chaos that is motherhood. Through her private coaching and podcast, The Thriving Mum Podcast, she challenges, educates, and motivates mothers and mothers-at-heart on their path to creating the motherhood of their dreams without sacrificing their health and well-being.

In this conversation, we discuss:

-misconceptions of intuitive eating and where we see people go wrong with it
-the importance of understanding your own food and body story to prevent passing on problematic food and body beliefs onto your children
-emotional debt, emotional labour and emotional avoidance and how this harms us

 Uniyme is offering a Peaceful Mealtimes with Kids – a free audio challenge!

This is a simple strategy that increases your self-confidence and helps you raise healthy, competent eaters with less stress and fighting over meals. At the end of this challenge, mums will:

·        Understand your child's needs when it comes to food and eating.

·        Lay the foundation for a healthy, peaceful meal environment.

·        Learn the GRACE method for raising a healthy, competent eater.

 Details and sign-up page:

You can connect further with Unyime here:

Or email her at

You can enroll last minute for my CURIOUS METHOD MASTERCLASS! 

 Here's the registration link:

It's live online on June 29, 2022 at 7pm AEDT. I will have a free giveaway for those who attend live! Recording will be sent out for those who can't attend live. 

 This is for you if:

-you’re sick of worrying/obsessing about food all the time 

-you’re aware that dieting/weight loss attempts have failed and you’re longing for a different path 

-you’re tired of hating your body 

-you’re harsh with yourself (that inner mean girl voice gets loud) 

-you want to learn a starting point towards body peace and food freedom

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