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Bee Therapy

Patrice Newell and Dani Lloyd-Prichard

Bee Therapy is a podcast for anyone who loves bees. Bee-buddies Patrice Newell and Dani Lloyd-Prichard are both Australian registered beekeepers with over 50 years' experience between them. Now author and farmer Patrice, and educator and researcher Dani are recording their conversations. Throughout the season they'll be talking bee books, bee movies, bee research papers, honey recipes, quizzes, and a whole lot of bee goss about our beautiful bees.
Varroa Mite. What's happening in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, as thousands of people come together to stop it spreading. Will Australia be able to remain Varroa free? Dani Lloyd-Prichard is on the frontline.July 10, 2022 Episode artwork How much do you know about Australian Native bees? Would you like to make/drink mead? How do you buy a new queen bee? November 13, 2021 Episode artwork Ep 10. What sort of beehive should you buy? The Bee Movie. Beegan fudge.September 12, 2021 Episode artwork Ep 9 Do honeybees have collective personalities?Why do beekeepers use smokers? Baking vegetables with honey. August 14, 2021 Episode artwork Ep 8 Bees are vegetarian so where do they get their protein? Does eating local honey help keep allergies at bay? How good is the beekeeper bible Honey and Pollen Flora of SE Australia? Plus salad dressings, with honey of course.July 15, 2021 Episode artwork Ep 7 How many eyes does a honeybee have? The Secret Life of Bees, by Sue Monk Kidd. Honey joys (cornflake crackles). July 01, 2021 Episode artwork Ep 6. What does robbing mean in the bee world? Beeswax Alchemy by Petra Ahnert, and chocolates filled with honey June 17, 2021 Episode artwork Ep 5. How many times per minute does a bee beat its wings? Flower Power, by Tammy Horn PotterJune 10, 2021 Episode artwork Ep 4. When did the European honeybee first arrive in Australia? Gunther Hauk's book Toward Saving the Honeybee. Personal protective equipment for beekeepers. Honey marinadeJune 03, 2021 Episode artwork Ep 3. Bill McKibbon's book Honey and Oil. What do you need to consider when locating a bee hive? Roasting nuts with honeyMay 27, 2021 Episode artwork Ep 2. Why beekeepers wear white. The movie Keeping the Bees. Judging honey at RAS. Honey peanut-butter bliss ballsMay 20, 2021 Episode artwork Ep 1 Manuka Honey - what is it? Do bees get sick? Honey/cashew/banana/chocolate muffin recipeMay 06, 2021 Episode artwork Welcome to Bee TherapyMay 06, 2021 Episode artwork