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National Association of Disability Practitioners

Lynn Wilson

Our NADP community is diverse, composed of people with different job roles, needs and strengths but we all work to ensure access to a quality educational experience for students. We support learning differences whilst recognising the diverse backgrounds of students and the intersectionalities these produce.The COVID-19 pandemic continues to exert an important impact on education. Most courses are being taught primarily via remote learning with only a small amount of essential some in-person delivery. We have worked to ensure that teaching remains student-centred and that support to access the learning remains relevant and useful.Our professional and academic communities have learnt a great deal from the rapid adjustments required to move support to blended and online formats. We have discovered some great, new practices but also some encountered some real challenges.These podcasts aim to identify and share good practice and discuss how to resolve the challenges to ensure progress in inclusive practice continues in the future and momentum is not lost.

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