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What is Personal is Universal

Amanda Joy Loveland & Jessica Lee Devenish

We are here to share our stories of what we have learned through our lives which includes being a mom, a wife, a friend, a business woman, spirituality, religion, cancel culture, you name it! "What is Personal is Universal". We know our stories are not just ours but will ring true to so many! Our intention is that as we share our stories it sparks ideas, thoughts or even motivation in your life to be the best version of you. We also know that by sharing our stories we find compassion and connection with each other. In our world right now connections are needed more than ever and our stories connect us. We know that our stories are what connect us. By sharing our stories, we hope to connect with you and spark ideas or curiosity in your life to assist you in having the life you desire! Be a voice, not an echo.

Recent Episodes

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