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The Oxytocin Project

May 03, 2022 William Davis, MD
Defiant Health Radio with Dr. William Davis
The Oxytocin Project
Show Notes

Lactobacillus reuteri is one of the most important bacterial species in the human microbiome. Yet it has been lost by the majority of Americans due to this microbe's susceptibility to common antibiotics like amoxicillin and ampicillin. One of the terrific benefits of L. reuteri  is its ability to provoke release of the hormone, oxytocin, from the brain.

Until recently, there was no user-friendly way to boost oxytocin. It cannot be ingested orally because the digestive process breaks it down. It can be injected but lasts only about 3 minutes. It can be administered via nasal inhaler but requires 3 squirts four times per day in each nostril, with each dose lasting only 60-90 minutes.

We now know that restoring this lost microbe, L reuteri, is key: restore it and you create a source of endogenous oxytocin.

Oxytocin is the hormone of love and empathy. It causes you to engage with other people, take an interest in them, understand their points of view better--can you appreciate how important this hormone can be for human social interaction?

Spread the word: you can restore L reuteri and thereby oxytocin and perhaps make the world a little better place.

One source of L. reuteri is the BioGaia Gastrus product available on Amazon or through the U.S. distributor, Everidis:

I shall be reporting on the results of our animal study comparing different strains of L. reuteri, meaning that we will know which strain is most effective for this phenomenon.


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