Defiant Health Radio with Dr. William Davis

How Big Pharma Bought Big Media

July 03, 2021 William Davis, MD
Defiant Health Radio with Dr. William Davis
How Big Pharma Bought Big Media
Show Notes

Watch TV morning news in years past and you would see authors on health and nutrition topics interviewed regularly. TV news exposés would likewise air reports on problems in healthcare such as excessive charges, aggressive hospital marketing tactics, fraudulent practices by doctors and the like. But in the last decade, there are virtually no such interviews or reports on any of the major TV networks or major print media--none. 

This all coincides with the proliferation of direct-to-consumer ads yielding billions of dollars of advertising revenue for media outlets. Could the two phenomena be related? And has Big Pharma, in effect, shut down all reporting on problems in healthcare? 

I believe that media has abdicated their responsibility and has not been reporting on this disaster called modern American healthcare--all because of the heavy-handed financial interests of the pharmaceutical industry.

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