Defiant Health Radio with Dr. William Davis

Does Wheat Cause Heart Disease?

October 05, 2021 William Davis, MD
Defiant Health Radio with Dr. William Davis
Does Wheat Cause Heart Disease?
Show Notes

The American Heart Association and other agencies, dietitians, and doctors all urge us to cut our intake of fat and eat more "healthy whole grains," ignoring the fact that wheat and other grains provoke a panel of unhealthy metabolic changes that hugely increase risk for heart disease.

Understand these phenomena, ban all wheat and grains from your life, and enormous changes develop across multiple metabolic markers that add up to reduced risk for heart disease.

Even better, incorporate the short list of nutrients lacking in modern life that further correct insulin resistance and inflammation and take basic efforts to address intestinal microbiome composition and you have the formula for slenderness and freedom from numerous common chronic health conditions.

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