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Resting Right - 7 Types of Rest You Need

October 20, 2021 Shubh Season 1 Episode 12
Little Wisdom
Resting Right - 7 Types of Rest You Need
Show Notes

Today’s episode is about the 7 types of rest we all need and how to get it! If you’re exhausted in spite of sleeping enough, this may be for you. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith and her viral ted talk 
  • 7 types of rest and tip on how to get each one 
    • Physical (active & passive)
    • Mental
    • Spiritual 
    • Emotional
    • Creative 
    • Sensory 
    • Social 

Quotes of Wisdom:

  • “We go through life thinking we’ve rested because we have gotten enough sleep — but in reality we are missing out on the other types of rest we desperately need. The result is a culture of high-achieving, high-producing, chronically tired and chronically burned-out individuals. We’re suffering from a rest deficit because we don’t understand the true power of rest.”
  • “Instead of fighting and going against the waves, sometimes flowing with them will bring you to more magnificent places you may not have created by trying to control everything.”
  • “Stop holding in the no and saying yes, even though it’s breaking you from the inside.” 

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