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From Facing His Fears to Embracing Fatherhood - Chirag Singapuri

November 17, 2021 Shubh Season 1 Episode 14
Little Wisdom
From Facing His Fears to Embracing Fatherhood - Chirag Singapuri
Show Notes

From a strained father-son relationship, not wanting the responsibility of marriage and having “zero paternal instinct,” today’s guest drastically changed his life. He travelled the world for two years, switched careers midlife, got married, is the proud father of a baby girl, and healed his bond with his father. Listen to Chirag Singapuri’s journey of resistance, acceptance, transformation and healing for this International Men's Day special.

Key Takeaways:

  • The wake-up call from realising the “wonderful women in my life were no longer there,” and deciding to look in the mirror and face his fears
  • Why is was easier to carry the baggage than to face it, and how he got through facing and healing from it 
  • Being raised by a single father, watching and realising how much effort it was, and the fear of whether he would ever match up to it
  • How he never imagined being married or a father (and now he’s both!), and how his paternal feelings (which he thought he never had!) have changed his view on what it means to “be a man”
  • His advice for you to overcome your own fears, heal your relationships and to move forward (resources included below!) 
  • Science and spirituality tips and exercises for you, that Chirag practices himself

Quotes of Wisdom:

  • “All the wonderful women I met in my life were no longer there, and really inspired me to grow and change, and become the man I am today.”
  • “I was never really taught that it’s okay to just listen.”
  •  “I also grew up as an only child, raised by a single father and I saw the amount of effort that he put it – it was massive. I just felt like I could never ever live up to what he did.” 
  • “The biggest gift you can give your kids is to heal your own wounds, so they don’t inherit this extra burden.”

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