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From Misfit to Model - Andee Chua’s Journey of Self-Acceptance

November 18, 2021 Shubh Season 1 Episode 15
Little Wisdom
From Misfit to Model - Andee Chua’s Journey of Self-Acceptance
Show Notes

International model, co-founder, dancer, emcee, community builder and much more - today’s guest has never taken the conventional path. Once feeling like a “misfit,” today he is a proud gay man, an advocate for LGBTQ+ issues in Singapore, strives for diversity and inclusion in workplaces and believes that everyone should be able to bring their best true self to work. Join us for Andee Chua’s journey of self-acceptance, overcoming childhood bullying, and embracing success from his non-conformist approach to life in this International Men's Day special. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Being the target for bullying in school for standing out from the rest, and how dance led him to self-acceptance 
  • Denial and journey of coming out as a proud gay man in a conservative society 
  • The confusion and frustration (and tokenism!) when LGBTQ+ community is leveraged upon during Pride Month
  • His view on whether society has changed on what it means to “be a man.”
  • The heartfelt conversation and connection with his father who was raised in a traditional society 
  • Science and spirituality tips and exercises for you that Andee practices himself

Quotes of Wisdom:

  • “I was feeling a lot about all this sentiment against me. I grew up thinking that I should be more masculine, more man, more sporty. I should just fit into what people think you need to be as a guy.”
  • “Everytime I’m dancing, I feel liberated. I feel like I can be myself.” 
  • “I speak so much about my coming out journey that sometimes I reframe it to sound really positive. But coming out as gay has not been easy - I don’t want to discredit that.”
  • “My dad is an emotional person, but he hides it all inside. He does not hug or say, “I love you,” easily, but it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t feel that way.”

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