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The mission of The Learning Accelerator is to connect teachers and leaders with the knowledge, tools, and networks they need to transform K-12 education. We make the 'potential' possible and practical for every teacher and every learner. In TLA Stories of Learning, TLA will share our insights, learnings, and conversations with real-world educators and education leaders as they make effective, equitable innovative learning a reality in their schools. Tune into our leadership series, "What Will We Take With Us?" to hear how education leaders rose to tackling the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic, and how they're working to take what they've learned into a future that supports student-centered learning across the K-12 field.
11 - What Will We Take With Us?: Ector County ISD on Community Internet Access, Personalized PD, and Strong Home-School ConnectionsSeptember 29, 2021 Episode artwork 10 - What Will We Take With Us?: Distinctive Schools on Communities of Care and Thoughtful Instructional StrategiesSeptember 29, 2021 Episode artwork 9 - What Will We Take With Us?: Meriden Public Schools on Creating Student Opportunities Through Partnerships, Spaces, and Technology September 29, 2021 Episode artwork 8 - What Will We Take With Us?: Metro Nashville Public Schools on Relationship-Building, Family Engagement, and Remote Support During COVIDSeptember 15, 2021 Episode artwork 7 - What Will We Take With Us: Mendon-Upton Regional School District on Flexible Learning for Educators, Career-Oriented Learning, and InnovationSeptember 15, 2021 Episode artwork 5 - What Will We Take With Us?: Monterey Peninsula Unified School District on Communication, Collaboration, and TransparencyAugust 25, 2021 Episode artwork 4 - What Will We Take With Us?: Renton School District's Approach to Staff and Student Wellness, Personalization, and EngagementAugust 25, 2021 Episode artwork 6 - What Will We Take With Us: Austin ISD on Instructional Blueprints, Professional Collaboration and Development, and the Concept of "Learning Loss"August 25, 2021 Episode artwork 1 - What Will We Take With Us?: Dallas ISD's Take on Project-Based Learning, Community Connections, and Teacher PDAugust 11, 2021 Episode artwork 3 - What Will We Take With Us?: How Cudahy Prioritized Communication, Feedback, and Trust-Building to Support In-Person LearningAugust 11, 2021 Episode artwork 2 - What Will We Take With Us?: How Hopkins Public Schools Maximized Inquiry Learning, Outdoor Spaces, Community Partnerships, and FeedbackAugust 11, 2021 Episode artwork 0 - Welcome to TLA Stories of LearningAugust 11, 2021 Episode artwork