Alchemy of Politics with Rusha Modi

Ep.2: Finance, Digital Currency, and the Role of Technology in Society with J. Scott Christianson

April 04, 2022 Rusha Modi Season 1 Episode 2
Alchemy of Politics with Rusha Modi
Ep.2: Finance, Digital Currency, and the Role of Technology in Society with J. Scott Christianson
Show Notes

Welcome back to another episode of the Alchemy of Politics where we discuss solutions and avoid shouting. Today we get deeper into technology’s current affairs and the many ways experts try to push its improvements to our daily lives in this modern age. Let’s hear Professor Scott’s wisdom in regards to this matter. 

Who is he?

J. Scott Christianson is the Associated Teaching Professor in the Management Department of the Robert J. Trulaske Sr, College of Business at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Few people are better able to comment on the role of technology in human capital development than him. In this wide-ranging interview, we cover his time in Ukraine and the early implications of Russia’s war on that country, what the role of technology is in society and how currency is changing with the rise of bitcoin and other block-chain technologies. Is the Zoom-ification of education good for kids and teachers ? Is Facebook really terrible for democracy? Can we ever close the technological Pandora’s box? Listen to the answers to these captivating questions and more.

[00:01 - 12:56] Opening Segment

  • “Technology is a forced multiplier”
  • Unique elements to technology that make it different 
    • We need to reclaim our right to decide
    • Human agency and technological weather
  • Amplification on Facebook is different 
    • Isn’t a threat we put so much emotion on technology?

[12:57 - 25:23] Resolved: I don’t want to be controlled

  • Educate students to have deep thinking for other things
  • Let’s quote Scott years back
  • Technology and workforce
    • The dawn of Artificial Intelligence
    • The hope for a human-like approach to technology
  • Conflicting interests existing
    • Others say: technology needs to be taxed

[25:24 - 41:16] Technology’s use in Education

  • Training students to be Globally Competitive amidst technology’s reign
    • Can we “outsmart” Artificial intelligence?
    • A collaborative work: feedback matters
  • Behavior modification and technology
    • “You actually use this?”

[41:17 - 50:19] Closing Segment 

  • Final words

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