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Alchemy of Politics with Rusha Modi

Rusha Modi

Our national politics are crazy right now aren’t they? Haven’t they always been? It all seems like a Jenga game about to topple at any moment and the piece about to be removed by the media is sanity. If you’re like me, then we’re both fed up with the hype that passes for hope.Our response is the The Alchemy of Politics Podcast. Beyond clickbait headlines and recycled left-right talking points are powerful unexplored ideas to level up our communities, country and planet.We traffic in solutions arbitrage: real policies and innovations that can expand the edge of what’s possible for our country.We are unafraid to take big swings at the hard policy and social questions confronting the US.Our guests will be a provocative mash-up of intellectuals, creative renegades, and leaders.Listen in and become more than just “cocktail party” smart.Set fire to the political status quo.Together, we can extend the half life of hope one citizen, one story, one possibility at a time. And that’s not crazy at all.
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