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MindfulLee Speaking

Lee Papa

As an internationally recognized speaker, published author and coach, the journey with individuals within the realm of health and well-being from a mindfulness based foundation has been a profound experience. Personally, I have been a lifelong truth seeker of making known the unknown which included a near death experience that brought wisdom beyond this reality. Exploring esoteric topics is a fascination, and I love to learn about what lights people up. In this podcast, we will explore topics and engage in conversations on subjects such as health and wellness, emotional and spiritual well-being, interesting books and artists, the obscure and mystical, and the Universe at-large. My intention is that we will cover many different categories of topics under the umbrella of mindfulness, which is simply defined as awareness in non-judgement. Moving past that which divides and embracing the beauty and love for humankind. Let's explore together.