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Starting a Counseling Practice with Kelly + Miranda from ZynnyMe

Kelly Higdon and Miranda Palmer | ZynnyMe

Kelly Higdon and Miranda Palmer bring Master's Degrees in Psychology to real-world hands-on small business startup experience. They believe in bootstrapping, DIY, and creating a work/life balance that allows you to have a healthy, full life while you do it! If you are passionate about health and wellness and want to make a living doing what you love- this is the podcast for you. Kelly + Miranda are two trained psychotherapists who not only grew successful private practices that weren't dependent on insurance, they have worked with therapists all over the world to give them the information, strategies, mindset, skills, processes, and templates they need to create their own unique, successful private practice. Here they share the stories that often go untold of the process of starting, growing, and revamping a successful, sustainable private practice. Are you starting a therapy practice or counselling practice? Are you wondering how to set your fee, create a business plan, or what to expect from a private practice salary? Hear stories from other therapists about how they started. Learn what didn't work, what brought in clients, what slowed them down, and more. Real stories from real therapists just like you who were passionate about helping others and were able to create a business and a real salary helping people. We talk about the real issues and life circumstances that can get in the way, and that can help inspire: Economic recessions, partnerships went wrong, layoffs, marriages, divorces, pregnancies, certifications, unique niches, small towns, big cities, moves across the country and so much more. Learn and be inspired by amazing therapists just like you and learn more about who you are and what you need in private practice. Allow us to help you start private practice.

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