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Grit Machine DNA

David Morales

Welcome to Grit Machine DNA.Through this series we interview everyday Americans who lead remarkable lives and serve as powerful examples of faith, family and grit. The goal of Grit Machine DNA is twofold…first to inspire all Americans to dream big, do more, become more and understand that great things happen when we assume personal responsibility. The second goal of the series is to introduce people to silent heroes everywhere -our neighbors, our teachers, first responders, coaches, fathers, mothers- who are doing powerful things without fanfare and whose lives offer us lessons and values we can all learn from. Join me in this wonderful journey as we discuss what it means to build Grit Machine DNA by hearing from people who do it every day. To learn more, please visit my website: The song at the end of the video is played by Grupo Mapeyé, La Orquesta Criolla Nacional de Puerto Rico.