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The Auditors

James Keough

Follow Ripley Paige and Jack Becker as they search for truth along the fringe of known science and history...One night in the Philadelphia Navy Yard, a naval destroyer missing since World War II appears in the dead of night. With no witnesses or explanations, the empty ship is found moored without a single soul aboard. Untouched and unbelievable, its presence alone is a mystery of dire consequence.The lives of investigators Ripley Paige and Jack Becker are inexorably and violently changed forever when they are hired to go aboard the ominous ship in search of answers.After that impossibly strange night, they are thrown onto a cross-country trail of scientific mystery and paradox at the behest of a mysterious, black-budget government agency: the Auditors.Treading a fine line between paranormal legend of conspiracy theory, they expose a truth more fantastic than either. What they find at the edges of rewritten history is a threat that no one expects...Enjoy this serialized sci-fi experience from JPK Projects!