The Bude Awakening Podcast

Episode 5: Do your clients ever experience "Bill Shock" after your service?

October 18, 2021 Adam Bude
The Bude Awakening Podcast
Episode 5: Do your clients ever experience "Bill Shock" after your service?
Show Notes

Adam from Authentic Sales Training Academy. I hope you're having an amazing day. 

Today, I wanted to talk to you about bill shock. 

Have any of your clients ever experienced bill shock after you have done your service for them? Now think about this for a moment. Nothing could possibly be worse than doing a great job. Having people happy with what you've done, only for them to receive your bill and be totally blown away by what you sent them. 

Now, the reason that that happens is because you haven't been upfront with them right from the beginning. You haven't shared with them the exact cost as to what that job is going to be before they've engaged you. When it comes to authentic selling, you must be 100% upfront and clear and your clients must know exactly what they're going to expect after you've done your job. Because the worst thing that could possibly happen is for them to get bill shock.

Think about why that's the worst thing? 

The reason that's the worst thing is because how they feeling after you've done everything, when you're finished and the job's finished and you're done, how are they feeling? Are they empowered? Are they still excited? Are they looking like they want to tell the world about how great you are, or do they have resentment? 

A perfect example was the other day we had some work done for us. Beautiful person came, really happy with everything, loved the whole experience, but they miscommunicated to us what the actual fee was going to be. 

And the first quote that came through was about a quarter of what the end bill ended up being. And we had no idea. So we're totally blown away by how that finalized, to the point where we felt like we were taken advantage of, we felt resentful for actually doing the work.

We were disappointed, but we loved the work, but it's left us in a state of disappointment. Now, when somebody then asks us, "Ah, who did that for you?" We'll tell them, no problem. But will we say we were 100% satisfied?

The answer is no. 

So, when we're talking to people, you must have integrity on the price. If there's ever any deviation on the price, you've got to be upfront and you've got to share that with your customers. Because at the end of the day, they're paying the bill last, and you want them to feel happy about paying the bill. You don't want them to feel resentful about paying the bill. And if they've got bill shock, then that's probably the worst thing that could happen to you because you will never get customers from them. They will never refer you. They will never repeat buy from you. And you've just burnt your bridges.

It all comes down to the authentic communication, then and there. So if you have that communication right, they know what to expect, then you over-deliver on that expectation and that's how you create yourself a raving fan forever. And that raving fan could equate to an infinite amount of business, all because you've under-promised and you've over-delivered instead of over-promising and under-delivery. You know what I mean. So that's my tip for you today. Integrity in the start of the process right through to the finish of the process has to be aligned in order for you to have an amazing outcome for everyone.