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Your Mental Wellness Podcast for Your Voice and Sanity

Sibylle Georgianna The Leadership Practice

We all have been through so much! Use the tools described in this podcast to determine the options you have, interrupt triggers, calm down your stress levels, and become clear on what you want and what you can request. In this podcast, you will hear about different perspectives on what creates wellness and what will help you sustain it from different sherpas (AKA my podcast guests). The different perspectives will help you create your sustainable mental wellness-because when we have been through a lot, we can feel burned out and done. You may experience an out-of-the-blue grief response to the losses of what you thought was your life. Reactions such as anger, sadness, numbness show your depletion. Feeling spent may cause you to no longer trust yourself or others. When we have been through a lot, we may feel our situation is our fault. This podcast will get you from wherever you're at to mental wellness. Your biggest fan, Sibylle
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